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10 Profitable Reasons to Make Videos From Photos

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:31 am

10 Profitable Reasons to Make Videos From Photos

Did you ever wish you could make videos from photos with music? When traveling, travelers are always taking pictures of exotic places they visit. These pictures will be the unforgettable memories of these areas. They remind people of the emotions that accompanied each of the destinations. What people don’t realize is that it is possible to make videos from photos with music. Much better than sifting through random images and a great way to put them in order.


Yes, you read that right. It is possible to make great videos using all those photos you have stored on your laptop.

I am sure that right now you are wondering and asking yourself this: How can I do this?

Don’t worry, this article will be answering your question. But first, let’s first look at the benefits of making a video.

Make Videos From Photos

Benefits to Make Videos From Photos

1)Videos are appealing to view

Have you ever wondered why YouTube has so much traffic? Have you ever wondered why Facebook introduced video streaming?

I will tell you why. It is because the videos are less boring. Imagine having to swipe through your tablet’s screen to look at a thousand photos. Now imagine looking at those very same photos after they became a video?

Which sounds more appealing?

Videos create trust

i) Stay with me on this. Let’s say that you are a travel blogger looking to engage with your fans in a better way.

ii) You can create videos with photos. Videos have the ability to ignite emotions which will make people trust you more. Plus, in a video, you can add a voice to talk to them increasing trust even more.

iii) It turns something that is visual to audio-visual

Remember your TV back at home?

Yes, that one.

Now, tell me, would you enjoy watching if only pictures were being displayed. That’s right the images without anyone talking to you?

I guess the answer is no.

When you make videos from photos with music you have a chance of adding audio to the photos. You can also explain what was happening during that time. You can tell the watchers about the place you visited, what it was and how it affected you.

Now, how do you create videos from photos with music?

Make Videos From Photos Step #1: Define Your Story

Sit down and think real hard. What story do you want to get across to anyone who might view your video?

Make Videos From Photos Step #2: Select Your Photos

Based on the story that you have defined, select the photos that will communicate this story in the best way. The photos that work best are wide-angle shots and photos with no cars moving or people moving.

Make Videos From Photos

Make Videos From Photos Step# 3: Select Your Theme Song

Ever watched a movie? Did you hear those songs that play when the moving is going on? That is what I am calling a theme song.

Pick a song that correlates with the story that you are communicating with your video.

Make Videos From Photos Step #4: Choose The Editing Software

Yes, you will need software in order to be able to create a video. There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing software. These include:

i) Is the software free or costly?

ii) Length of your video. Some software has fixed lengths of video that they can create.

iii) The quality of the video you want to create.

Make Videos From Photos Step #5: Create Your Video

You now have everything ready to make videos from photos with music. Now you need to just launch the software that you have chosen and create your video. Software used to create videos with photos have a guide that is easy to follow. A simple ABC method to follow.

How to Make Videos From Photos With Music or Commentary

i) Choose a theme. Make sure that the theme gives your video a professional feel.

ii) Import your photos and position them the way you like

iii) Add your captions and subtitles as appropriate

iv) Add your theme music

v) Add your voice as appropriate

vi) Select a transition style for your photos. This is how one photo assumes the place of the previous photo.

vii) Finally, preview your video and make the final adjustments

viii) Export your video to your storage on your laptop. Name it giving it a memorable and interesting name.

Make Videos From Photos Step #6: Share Your Video

This step depends on whether you were making the video for personal use or you would like to share it with people.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can post it on YouTube. You can also use it together with your next blog post if you are a blogger.


To create videos with photos does not take genius IQ. Follow the above steps and you will have your travel video within no time.

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