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10 Great Budget Macedonia Travel Tips

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:30 am

Macedonia Travel Itinerary On A Budget

Macedonia Travel is often overlooked as a destination for people when planning trips. It wasn’t somewhere that I had thought about going to until I met somebody from there. I decided I would love to go and visit.

This country is the hidden gem out of all the Balkan countries. Tucked between Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Kosovo and Greece. This tiny and very mountainous country has something for everyone.

From beautiful historic towns, the capital city, Skopje, sparkling Lake Ohrid. The picturesque Mavrovo with its snowy slopes. Anybody who has planned some Macedonia Travel will not regret the decision.

Macedonia Travel Spots to Visit Skopje

I started my Macedonia Travel by arriving in the capital city Skopje. It is a bizarre place due to recent development. There are statues galore, ostentatious buildings and elaborate fountains. This makes it all the more fascinating.

A visit to the old bazaar, which has not been over-restored still has a genuine Ottoman feel about it. It is by far the most popular tourist area in the city. It has a history of surviving cultural and religious changes, occupations and wars.

Have a look at the shops which get handed down from one generation to another and offer some of the oldest crafts. Shoemakers, coppersmiths, and goldsmiths all have modern stalls situated nearby

Try some of the delicious food which is on offer. Dolma and Sarma have a lot of variations but is definitely the favorite food in Macedonia. Vine leaves filled with ground meat, rice and cooked in vegetable stock.

I followed my Dolma up with a sweet Alva wine and a satisfying cup of Turkish coffee. It was perfect after a day of wandering around the bazaar.

Lake Ohrid Macedonia

Lake Ohrid is one of the most stunning places you will ever see. Not only when you are enjoying your Macedonia Travel but anywhere in the world. Situated on the Macedonia/Albania border, the lake has hills and mountain all around. It is the most biodiverse lakes in the world.

After a day of climbing mountains, you will be ready for some decent food. You have so many choices of cafes and restaurants along the waterfront.

I decided on Restoran Sveta Sofija situated right opposite the Church of St Sophia. Here I ate local fish with salad and vegetables. The fish melted in my mouth and a fine Macedonian wine helped to wash it down. After dinner, I went to sit on the terrace to finish off my night with a shot of rakija (local fruit brandy). Fantastic dinner in magical surroundings, add it to your Macedonia Travel plans.

Macedonia Travel Itinerary On A Budget (1)

Macedonia Travel In the Wine Regions

I had heard from people who had traveled to the Balkans about the great wines. One of the things to go on your Macedonia Travel bucket list is a trip to Popova Kula Winery. It didn’t take too much convincing for me to add this to my must-see places. Wine tasting, nibbles, and stunning views – what more could a person ask for.

I started with a wine tasting session held in the 17 meters high Popova Kula Tower. The views were magnificent and the wine was as good as the views. We tasted five types of wine which also came with prosciutto, cheese, and sweets. It was a lovely way to spend some time and learn about Macedonia as a wine country.

Berovo Macedonia

When I was planning my Macedonia Travel, I made sure that I put the small town of Berovo on my list. It is a beautiful town in the eastern mountainous region. 900 meters above sea level, you feel like you have arrived at an elite resort on arrival. It is quiet, peaceful and you forget about the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

If you are feeling active there are bikes tracks and hikes of varying levels of difficulty. For the less active among us, the remote picnic areas are picture-perfect.

A visit to the monastery of Saint Archangel Michael is the perfect place to visit. It’s shrouded in history and tradition giving your trip a cultural twist. Macedonia Travel wouldn’t be complete without a trip to this historical building.

Macedonia Travel I

Finding good food in Berovo is not difficult at all! I went to Restaurant Manastir and I was in for a treat. All the food on offer is local and choosing what to have was very close to impossible. I tried Maleshevo tava. A local dish made with a few kinds of meat, mushrooms, fresh, seasonal vegetables and spices. (which the staff would not disclose what they were), and it was the heartiest, tastiest meal I have had in a long time.

Even though I couldn’t fit anything else in, in the name of research, I tried Grandma’s Cake. I do not know what was in it but it was the best cake I have ever eaten in my life. It should be compulsory for anybody who is planning Macedonia Travel.

Golem Grad Macedonia

Golem Grad is home to wild tortoises, pelicans, and cormorants. The ruins from the 6th century AD are home to magnificent birdlife. the beauty which makes this place well worth exploring. This tiny island of only 450m x 750m is an easy walk even for the less active. You arrive by boat and if you desire, you could camp overnight. It is not something I chose to do as it is home to quite a high population of water snakes!

If you are not fazed by snakes, then this is the place for you. It is beautiful but unfortunately, I am not fond of anything that slithers. I was quite pleased to head back to the mainland and find something to eat.

I discovered Kaneo, a stunning restaurant set right on the water’s edge. Freshly baked bread, delectable dorma and great trout was a satisfying and hearty meal. This meal went with a couple of glasses of merlot and a perfect coffee to top the night off.

These are a few places that you should think about when deciding on your Macedonia Travel. There are so many more beautiful places to visit here that I will need to visit again soon.


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