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Indonesia & Bali

Best Things to Do in Bali

Bali Things To Do On Your First Visit

Bali things to do if you are making your first trip to the island. If you are getting ready to visit Bali, you must expect to see a whole new world. A world of different colors, sounds, and sights. Although all this is true you need to remember and will be intriguing. This amazing tropical island has a lot of things and rules that simply don't work the usual way. The...

What to Pack for Bali: Beautiful crimson parrot.

What to Pack for Bali On Your First Trip.

What to pack for Bali is the first thing that you should consider. You have found some cheap flights but no checked bags. These items will do it all and you can still use that cheap airfare. To most people, when Bali comes up in conversation, they think of a paradise. Also known as the Island of Gods, Bali is a beautiful place, rich in culture and nature. It is an...

Bali dancer in traditional dress.

Bali Scams and How You Can Avoid Them

Bali Scams are prevalent on all of the islands. Here is how you can avoid the Big 5 Scams that are used on tourists daily. If you're on a trip to Indonesia, will be going to visit Bali, aren't you? The island is one of the most scenic places in Southeast Asia. Bali is popular for its volcanoes, beaches, greenery and coral reefs. But that's not it. The island is also...

Ocean blue wave in Bali. Breaking wave for surfing in Bali

10 Things To Do In Bali With A Camera

Are you planning a trip to Bali? Bali offers plenty of things to do including photography. Take the perfect photos to make your friends green with envy. Here are our top 10 sites to Bali Instagram Photographs. Bali Things To Do With A Camera The Indonesian island of Bali is famous for its clear blue water and long white sand beaches. These two things attract millions...

Preparation of Ubud Temple Offerings - Bali Things to Do For Old and Young Loves

Bali Things to Do For Old and Young Lovers

Looking for a spark to rekindle the fire? Look no further than Bali Things to Do For Old and Young Loves. Bali is the Island known for Love and a great place to reconnect. Honeymoon in Bali Has the passion in your marriage died? Well, it’s time for you to take action and revive your love life. You should consider this spot. One knows Bali as the “Island of the...

Holy Spring Water At Tirta Empul Temple

Bali Hotels In Ubud and More – Our Top Choices

Looking for a great honeymoon location or a romantic vacation spot? The Bali hotels in Ubud are unbeatable. We researched the hotels on this fabulous island and came up with 20 Great Bali Hotels. If you decide to travel to this magical island, you will want somewhere amazing to stay. We've got you covered. The Bali hotels in Ubud range from the Luxurious to Easier on...