At Our Big Escape, we don’t just review products; we live with them. Here’s how.

Our Approach: Tested on the Road of Life

“The best test of any product is not in a lab, but in the real world, where it faces real challenges.” – Laurel and John

our approach

our approach

1. Selection with a Purpose

We choose products that resonate with our lifestyle – be it for outdoor adventures, travel, or daily living. Our selections are driven by the needs of a life that’s always on the move, always exploring.

2. Real-World Testing

From the rice fields of Arkansas to the bustling streets of Houston, and the remote corners of the Mongolian steppes, we test products where they are meant to be used – in the real world. Our reviews are grounded in actual experiences.

Testing Categories

Testing categories

Outdoor Gear

  • Camping: Tested under the stars, on various terrains, from the deserts of Nevada to the forests of Arkansas.
  • Fishing: Gear tested by streams and canals, just like the ones on John’s childhood farm.
  • Hiking: Trail-tested across different landscapes, reflecting our treks from the Great Wall to the Rockies.

Travel Essentials

  • Luggage: Rolled over cobblestones and loaded into everything from tuk-tuks to overhead bins.
  • Accessories: Evaluated for convenience and durability during long-term travels and quick getaways.

Lifestyle Products

  • Home Gadgets: Used in our daily lives, from the print shop in Texas to our rooftop tent across America.
  • Health & Wellness: Products tested to support our active lifestyle and ensure comfort on the road.

Our Testing Process

Step 1: Initial Impressions

We start with unboxing, noting the ease of setup, initial build quality, and the ‘wow’ factor. First impressions matter, but they are just the start.

Step 2: Durability and Functionality

Each product is put through the paces of our adventurous lifestyle. We assess durability, functionality, and adaptability to different environments and situations.

Step 3: Longevity and Performance

We believe in the test of time. Products are used over extended periods to check for wear and tear, performance consistency, and reliability.

Our Review Standards

our review standards

Honesty and Transparency

Our reviews are honest and transparent. If we love a product, we’ll tell you why. If it falls short, we’ll share that too.

User-Centric Perspective

We focus on how these products can enhance your life and adventures. Our reviews are not just about the product, but about the experience it offers.

Comparative Analysis

We often compare products against their peers, giving you a clear picture of where they stand in the market.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

Decades of Experience

With Laurel’s eye for detail from running a print shop and John’s practical know-how from life on a farm, our reviews are grounded in practical, real-world experience.

Diverse Testing Environments

Our unique travel experiences across over 100 countries mean we test products in a variety of settings – an invaluable perspective you won’t find elsewhere.

Continuous Learning

We’re always learning and adapting, just like our readers. Our reviews evolve as we discover new places and face new challenges.

Parting Thoughts

Our review process at Our Big Escape is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. We bring our collective experiences – Laurel’s love for nature and John’s farming roots, our travels from the Great Wall to the Pyramids, and our adventures across America – to every review we write.

When you read our product reviews, you’re not just getting an assessment; you’re getting a piece of our life, our adventures, and our trust.

Join us on this incredible journey at Our Big Escape.

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