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Halong Bay Tour 3 Great Money Saving Tips

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:30 am

Halong Bay Tour 3 Great Money Saving Tips

Halong Bay Tour choices will take you to one of the most beautiful places known for its 1000 limestone cliff islands. Picking the right travel trip can be a nightmare. There are as many travel agents in Hanoi as the islands in Halong. The best price is usually found at your hotel and never online.


If you are planning a Halong Bay Tour and you have been hit with an economic crisis don’t worry. The following are tips on how to plan a Halong Bay Tour when traveling on a budget.

Halong Bay Requires Some Research

You can do this by using the local tours operator, you can get the cheapest or low-cost tours to the Bay. From this, you will be able to get the best Halong Bay Tour from Hanoi. Any small hotels will be willing to book for you the budget tours. Ask the travel agents for the company names. If they are not willing to tell you the name then move on to the next agent. If they give you the name, then you can get into the internet and research them. If they have a 1-star rating or bad reviews then don’t choose them. Look for the best agents possible. Ask them as many questions as possible about what their package offers. This is because you don’t want to choose a 3-day package of $55 and then you end up paying $100.

Halong Bay Tour 3 Great Money Saving Tips

Best Halong Bay Packages

Don’t choose the one day trip and if you choose it, you should not pay more than $35 per person. You can choose the 2-day trip but it is not the best deal. The 3-day trip is the best deal because it gives you more time to enjoy the atmosphere that makes Halong famous.

The most common trip options on Halong Bay Tour choices are listed below

2 Day Halong Bay Tour

2 Day Halong Bay Tour – ; you start your journey from your hotel in Older Quarter center as you drive to Halong Bay. You can stopover but be aware that the stopovers are tourist traps. Should you need to buy drinks then buy them from street vendors before you enter the cruise terminal. This is cheaper because once on board the boat, the prices will be triple those on the streets.

You will be on board at noon to begin all Halong Bay Tour options. Then you will have lunch for free and overnights in boats that are standard. These include boats like; Anh Fuong, Imperial junk, Hoa Binh junk, Bien Ngoc junk. You can also go to Cat Ba islands and spend your night in the hotels there. On the second day, you will get to Halong city by boat and later drive to Hanoi. This budget tour ranges from $35 to $40 for each person.

Halong Bay


3 Day Halong Bay Tour

3 Day Halong Bay Tour –  You will stay in the traditional junk boat for one night and another night in Cat Ba island. The cost ranges from $50 to $90. On the second day, you will travel by the tender boat or the day trip boat.

The 3 day trip for $55 is cheap but the food, boat, and staff will be a big joke. You can choose any within the range as long as it suits your budget. The cost should include the journey from Hanoi, fees, activities, accommodation, and meals. Any extra payments should be for drinks.

If you want a more adventurous trip, choose a trip that involves one night on the island and the other night on a boat. If you want a relaxing trip then select the trip that offers two nights on the boat.

Don’t pay more by pictures of wooden boats that have beautiful sails. All boats are now white in color, most don’t have sails and the majority of them use the same route.

It is advisable to avoid traveling to Halong Bay during July and August. There are many storms and the sea is unstable. The best time to travel is between February and July or between August and October as it is warm.

There is no need for booking the budget tours in Halong Bay in advance. If you decide to travel during peak days such as 24, 30 and 31 December, 2 September and 1st May it is advisable to book. Prices also change during these seasons hence consult the hotel agents.
With all the above information you will be able to visit Halong bay without spending a lot of money.

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