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11 Great Steps to Build An Email Marketing List

Last updated on April 22nd, 2022 at 10:58 am

11 Great Steps to Build An Email Marketing List

Should you build an email marketing list? It’s not about if you should build or not. Of course, you should. It is only about how fast you can build it up. Email marketing has the highest ROI of any other method of marketing for an online business. In a survey from 2018 of 1,000 businesses, an average of 23% of total sales came from email marketing alone. It’s apparent that taking the time to improve your list growth is money in the bank for any business. This can be for both online and brick and mortar business programs alike.

With this in mind lets concentrate no how to do this both fast and in the most efficient manner.


Build An Email Marketing List Tip  #1. Upgraded Content

Upgraded content can boost conversions with a 6% conversion to a 60% conversion rate. It’s easy to do by following only a single step. Write a blog post with your current format. Then 1 or more posts that create content that gives more detail on that post’s topic. Readers can access this information by giving their email address in exchange.

This strategy appeals to readers by offering value for something as small to them as their email. The value for you, the list growth is immense. The only negative is putting in the time to make quality, in-depth content. With the right strategies and guides, even this process can be streamlined. You can decrease the time spent while still allowing you to build an email marketing list.

Build An Email Marketing List Tip #2. In-Email Social Sharing Buttons

When you send blog posts out to subscribers you can generate traffic from people already on the list. Generate new traffic from subscribers by adding social sharing buttons to your emails. Think of it this way: Would you rather have to go to a site, copy the link, open the social media app, paste it in, and post it. You can share content you think your followers will like with a couple of clicks or button presses?

These buttons don’t guarantee that email subscribers will click through themselves. The likelihood of sharing your content with social media buttons makes it easier. The click-through rate for emails with social buttons is 158% higher than without.

All in all, social media sharing buttons means new traffic, subscribers, and sales! Implementing these buttons is quick and easy, so it doesn’t hurt to take the extra time to add them to your emails.

Email Marketing List

Build An Email Marketing List Tip #3. Giveaways to Build An Email Marketing List

People love prizes, so why not offer one? A giveaway is a great way to spur visitor interest and engagement and get their emails. It is one of the faster methods to build an email marketing list. Giveaways can spike your list growth and increase orders. You can do this in a few days, while still appealing to existing subscribers. Do this by offering free products that are relevant to the list. The question then is how to
run a giveaway to appeal to users.

You will need 4 ingredients to create a successful and effective giveaway:

– an enticing prize that your audience will actually want to have
– an opportunity to submit bonus giveaway entries for referrals
– a guaranteed bonus for participants who don’t win any prizes
– consistent promotion to an audience that would want what you’re giving away

You may be thinking that a giveaway will not build a viable email marketing list. The giveaway will not attract customers who will want to buy what you’re selling. To mitigate this, only give away something potential customers would love to have.

For example, we offered a hosted giveaway that senior travelers would love. A 10-year subscription to Arizona and Texas Highways. We received both free for the exposure they gained from the contest. This is something that would cost over $7000, It attracted the right customers while still encouraging lightning-fast list growth.

Build An Email Marketing List Tip #4. Featured Incentives

Most sites these days have some kind of opt-in incentive for you to take part in. Whether it’s a resource list, a free Ebook, or even free software to use. All users have to give to access these products is their email address. This might sound like an upgraded content, but there is a difference in the two. Instead of linking in-depth content to a specific blog post, businesses will offer one high-value opt-in product. They will advertise it from various locations on their site. This can be the sidebar, about section, post footers, opt-in form popups, and the lead capture top bar.

There is a big benefit of featured incentives over content upgrading. Instead of creating multiple pieces of content you only need to create one and advertise it on your site. Do this by adding it everywhere that you can. This is a perfect option for small business owners. This is the best option for those resources to create upgraded content for every blog post on their site.

The options are endless for building an excellent featured incentive. You can offer free courses and webinars or free trials of premium or flagship products. Either way, you can expect to see your list’s growth increase right away.

Build An Email Marketing List Tip #5. Pop-up Forms

Popup opt-in forms are everywhere but love them or hate them, they’re effective. This gives a site the ability to build an email marketing list, and they’re here to stay for the time being. It’s only a few minutes of work to set up one of these forms. It’s a quick input of an email address for subscribers-to-be to sign up. Putting the opportunity for benefits from your site on screen makes them as much as 9 times more likely to sign up.

Installing a popup form is easy and fast, and there are plenty of plugins to aid you in the process. The thing that is most important is to not have it visible to mobile users. This now is against Google best practices and can result in a penalty.

– First, add a popup script or plugin to use
– Write out the copy you want to be displayed on your form
– Watch your email subscription rates skyrocket

Popups work, even for non-marketing audiences, like niche blogs about a specific hobby. Put the option to subscribe right in front of your readers without them having to pay a dime. You will be happy with the growth you will see.

Build An Email Marketing List Tip #6. Leveraging of Social Proof

A majority of buyers are much more likely to buy from product and service vendors. These include those that have reviews or product ratings to look through. They want to know if the product matches their needs, so this is reasonable. Social proof is even more effective than appealing to personal responsibility. Even more than the desire to save money, or even a desire to protect the environment.

One vital component of making the most of social proof is sheer numbers. The more you have to show potential customers, the better. Show how many followers you have like a total of all platforms. Instead of dividing them by services providers like Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and email. Combine them all together to illustrate to your audience that you have a huge following. Impress them with your credibility among thousands of people online.

Trying to leverage social proof can also work against you. It can sound impressive to have 500,000 followers in total. If only 12,000 of those are email subscribers, brands may not get what they expect. This tactic can hinder your ability to build an email marketing list if split and say only 9000 on the email list. Impress your audience more by combining your numbers across all social media.

Email Marketing List

Build An Email Marketing List Tip #7. Name-Dropping

Social proof is enough to impress many potential subscribers. Some people want to see who’s a part of your following and if it’s anyone they would know about or already follow. A well-placed name drop does wonders for credibility in a way that social proof alone can’t. This strategy builds influence while leveraging someone else’s authority to your advantage.

Some businesses can advertise dealings with plenty of household names. Others may use businesses, celebrities, politicians, or anyone else of note. The beauty of using the name drop is that you only need one for it to work. Quality content is the road to getting that name drop, and once you have it, it will net you subscribers in no time.

Build An Email Marketing List Tip #8. Customer Referral Bonuses

Referrals are another form of social proof to take advantage of. The most powerful marketing tool in the world of marketing is word-of-mouth between friends. Direct referrals between friends and family boost sales and brand recognition and credibility. Make use of subscribers and customers to refer your content to others.

Many of you have seen deals like Uber’s offer to give free ride credits to friends or AirBnB for credits. Tons of businesses use this model for marketing their services. It’s a magical way to generate first sales and keep customers around. This is the benefit of ensuring that their service on the first order was high-quality.

Email subscribers are more primed to engage with your content. So why not sweeten the deal? Offer them something on top of asking them to send new people to your site. Sweeten the deal and give those followers an incentive. This could mean offering a discount, or cash credit, for referring people to your site. This method is especially effective for securing new subscribers and customers.

Build An Email Marketing List Tip #9. Partner With Influencers

Having an Influencer on your side can do wonders to improve conversion rates and list growth. It can be pricey to buy that influence. There are three ways to let you partner with prominent influencers that are free for you. Try them to get a cameo or testimonial.

Be Their Success Story

Modern influences often build their success on their knowledge and skills. They rely on the ability to help others succeed in their endeavors. What better way to help than be their next success story? This boosts your credibility while adding an extra positive press to their marketing materials. If you can do this, you have a longtime potential partnership that is beneficial for both parties.

All it takes is reaching out to a given influencer. Let them know that you’re interested in proving that their methods of success work. Remember when we discussed social proof before? This is the perfect example of using it in your marketing endeavors.

Offer Free Services

Keep in mind, while seeking out influencers, that people are always asking them for things. What you can do to set yourself apart from the rest by giving something for free. Think of something that these skilled, talented, notable personalities may not have. Try and see if you can fill that need for them.

Look For Up-And-Coming Influencers

Most of the top online marketers and bloggers today started between 2002 and 2005. They found success through leveraging each other and their audiences. This is a great long-term strategy, but you have to look for up-and-comers at your current level. Find those to build relationships that help both parties grow. This allows you to build long-lasting professional relationships with your contemporaries. It will also provide new opportunities for content, marketing, and much more. While you’re building your business and brand online, keep an eye out for people at your level. Look for those who are also making a name for themselves. Don’t be afraid to reach out and make friends both parties can benefit in their business. Your subscribers will also get an increase in quality content from varied sources.

Build An Email Marketing List Tip #10. Optimize Your Speeds

This may seem like a given, but a fast site is vital to keeping your list growth and conversion rates up. Every millisecond counts here when it comes to page load times. Something to keep in mind here is that as many as 40% of site visitors will leave if a page takes more than 2 seconds to load. The ability to build an email marketing list depends on more than content quality. Your site has to deliver that content to the viewer fast.

One way to speed up your site is to install a caching plugin and use a content delivery network. Another method is using your own dedicated server for your site. Most new business sites will not have that option at their fingertips. Make use of tools to assess your site’s speeds, SEO efficacy, page errors you may have overlooked, and more. Having these problems ironed out will make your site run faster and better. This is the backbone of consistent list growth.

Build An Email Marketing List Tip #11. Building
With Webinars

Webinars are efficient and versatile compared to other content you can produce. They’re an excellent way to improve your subscription and build an email list. In 15 minutes, you can record a webinar and serve it up to subscribers as a standalone item. Try a preview for more premium content, or a product launch piece to generate interest.

Webinars generate more buzz than normal video content. This is because of the limited run time. This limited run time creates a sense of urgency. The webinar generates fear of missing life-changing content. This magnified by stating that limited spots are available and it spurs visitors to sign up. By keeping a sense of urgency and scarcity in mind, you can gain an immense number of subscribers.

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