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Earning Money to Travel Ideas

Last updated on October 21st, 2019 at 03:54 pm

When you are able to make money while you are traveling, that means that you can travel as long as you desire. You will no longer have to live on a strict budget and you will be able to enjoy the time you travel more.

It also means you can move from place to place as often as you like. All you will need is a fast internet connection. Read more about this in our article on ‘International Cell Phone Service Tips’. You won’t be stuck in a full-time teaching job or another job that requires you to stay in one place.

The question is how you can make money to travel, not teach, not become a house sitter, au pair or the like. You want to live free and to be able to pick up and move as you want. So how do you do it?

By becoming a digital nomad, that’s how. You will need a laptop and good computer skills. The more expertise you have in social media the easier it will be.

There are two jobs that really fit into the nomad lifestyle. The first of course is to become a Travel Blogger / Photographer / Videographer but that takes time to build up. Ultimately it will lead you to a lot larger income than the second idea, which is becoming a Virtual Assistant.

The second job will hone your business skills and allow you to begin building a larger income through your blog while still traveling. Learning the inner working of travel blogging from a large travel blogger is also a plus experience for you.

Here are some articles we have posted. Check back often for updates on these and other options we find as well.

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