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Drone Videography

After you have become a skilled drone pilot and videographer then you can make great money with clips. The average price for a clip can be from $79 to $250 based on resolution and quality. If you believe your drone photos or videos are good enough that someone would pay for them, that’s a good income-making opportunity you have right there.

This will probably not make you a millionaire but, selling drone photos or footage can make you some decent money on the side. It is important to choose a drone with an excellent video camera. The DJI drones equipped with the Hasselblad lens are the best you can find. These lenses are so good that a camera from Hasselblad sells for around $18,000 to $40,000.

There are many online sites that will accept your footage but Shutterstock and Pond5 will account for almost all of your sales. I would use Stock Submitter and send them out to as many others as you can find as well.

Don’t just upload your work and wait for people to buy them. You can sell your photos many times over to different customers or exclusively to one client depending on the site’s licensing options.

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