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10 Best Drone Flight Moves for Cinematic Effects

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:30 am

Drone Flight Moves for Cinematic Effects

Footage encompassing drone flight moves is the wave of the future for photographers. The price of the footage is on the rise and the demand is ever soaring. Drones are the new go-to tool for photographers. Learn how to create great cinematic drone footage today.

Drones have become the perfect companion on adventure trips. Whether it is camping, sailing, trekking or a vacation in the hills. Drones capture the perfect memories that you can share for a lifetime. Another great option is to create and upload the footage to stock video sites. There are several sites including Pond5 that can create really nice profits.

Thanks to DJI, it has become easier to purchase drones. This is due to their affordable prices. Now, creating great footage using different drone flight moves is easier than ever.

The use of drones has become popular in every occasion. Even something as small as a vacation to the beach or something as grand as a wedding. Drones are used extensively to record shots. Photographers are incorporating the drone flight moves that were almost impossible to do before. At least not within a small budget!

It is a fun experience to play around with your drone and capture the scenic landscapes. To get the best out of your drone you need to have an idea how to fly and maneuver your drone.

Learn how to shoot the different drone flight moves in your videos with precision. It is crucial to make them free of distortions if you plan to market them later on. A perfect video needs a blend of skillful video recording and post-processing.

Here in this blog post, we try to understand the ways in which you can capture cinematic drone footage from your favorite drone!

Various Types of Drone Flight Moves

Drone Flight Moves for Cinematic Effects (1)

There are many drone flight moves and shot options that you can use to make your video look cinematic. If executed well, the post-production video might actually seem to be taken from a helicopter. Yes, this is quite possible! Here we see some ways in which you record cinematic drone footage.

1. Be Slow and Steady

The best way to film a beautiful cinematic video is to go slow and steady. This is also the simplest of drone flight moves. This helps the viewers to get an in-depth glimpse of the scenic landscape. It also reduces the extent of blur in the video.

You have to be knowledgeable about how to use the RC stick on the drone controller. The movement of the drone and the tilting of the camera should be synchronized as well. You do not need to worry about being too slow, there is always a way in the editing process to fine-tune that aspect.

2. Set a Flat Image Profile

Ideally, you should tune the settings of your drone to use a flat image profile. This would enable the drone to capture a more dynamic range. The sky and the clouds would not look out of balance. You would get your hands on wonderful cinematic drone footage no matter what drone flight moves you use.

3. Tweak Your Shutter Speed

While taking shots closer to the ground it is extremely important to use shutter speeds of under 1/200 of a second. This will end up with you having sharper frames and better drone footage.

Slowing shutter speed will also prevent strobe effect from seeping into your footage. The standard rule in the video is Shutter Speed is 2x the Frames per second. So 24fps should be around 1/50 of a second.

4. Half Side Circle Reveal Shot

This is one of the most popular shots that films display. You can imitate drone flight moves to bring forth beautiful cinematic drone footage for your viewers.
Take the drone to mid-height, fly it sideways by tilting the camera down.

Use the movement sticks on your controller to turn your drone horizontally. Make an effort to keep the object of interest in the middle. This will give you a beautiful half-circle-reveal shot.

5. Fly Through Shots

These can capture the interest of the viewers with its enigma. Use the joystick to fly the drone at a slightly higher altitude than that of your object. Gently fly forwards, keep going closer to your object and pass through it. This will help you capture breathtaking cinematic drone footage with drone flight moves.

6. Shoot A Birds Eye View

Now, this is very easy to shoot and at the same time, some very high impact drone flight moves. You need to tilt your camera 90 degrees down and fly your drone right above the landscape.

You have to fly straight and avoid making any sideways or downward movement while taking this shot. You can use this shot to capture the intrinsic details in the scenery. It will give a very rich cinematic effect to your video.

7. The Sunset and Sunrise Shots

The time of the day when you take your shot is preeminent in helping you record cinematic footage. One of the best times to do this is during the time of sunrise and sunset.

The picturesque shades of yellow and orange will capture a scintillating view from your drone. The most cinematic shots are based on Mother Nature’s joy and sunrise is the best time to take your drone to hunt for some gorgeous footage and practice your drone flight moves.

Post Shot Processing Of Your Drone Flight Moves

Drone Flight Moves

Though we have seen a series of ways through which we can get perfect cinematic drone footage, there is still more that you can do. Using some professional video editing software you can fine-tune your shots to make the drone footage more appealing. This way you can really highlight the drone flight moves.

1. Adjust Motion Blur

Using a professional video and animation software like Adobe Alter Effects you can add motion blur to your footage. It will help you to get rid of any strobing effect that might have been induced into your video while recording. Applying motion blur will make the footage look more natural and cinematic.

2. Rectify Distortions

While this is a little time consuming, it will definitely give the much-needed crispiness to your footage. You can use Optics Compensation, Reverse Lens Distortion, and Optimist Pixels tools in Alter Effects to process your shot.

3. Color Grade

Using a color grading plugin can help give a more dynamic look to your footage. This can be done by using plugins like Red Giant Colorists and Film Convert. These plugins adjust the hue, saturation and brightness levels in the footage to give your drone video a more natural feel.

So now that you have learned about the tips to record cinematic footage, it is time for you to go out try for yourself. Remember to inspect the sight of your shot and plan out the flow of your recording. This will help you to record the video smoothly and come out with the desired results.

Also, never feel disheartened if you are not able to come out with the desired results on your first go. Always remember, it is practice only that brings you closer to perfection. So, keep shooting and editing. Soon you will be producing great pieces of cinematic drone footage.

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