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Croatia Airport Choices on a Budget Can Yield Big Savings

Croatia Airport Choices on a Budget Yield Big Savings

Croatia airport choices are only limited by the area of the country you are visiting. Reaching any city in Croatia by air is a very simple task. Croatia, a country rich in biodiversity and blessed with unlimited landscapes. This will make your soul sigh in wonder. The country also has a great number of simple as well as sophisticated cities. Some of them serve...

Croatia Resorts - Which One Is the Best

Croatia Resorts – Which One Is the Best

Croatia resorts are scattered along an extraordinary coastline with clear blue water and wonderful beaches. Croatia can also provide you with picturesque mountain views, lakes, waterfalls, and canyons. Croatia's rich history and culture have flourished in the times. Times long ago when Croatia was at the edge of becoming one of the great empires. Croatia is a dream...

harbor and boats in brac croatia

Brac Croatia vs Dubrovnik Croatia

Brac Croatia and Dubrovnik are both stars in Croatian tourism and if you are wondering which is the best between the two, Dubrovnik probably takes the crown Brac is a Croatian island found in the Adriatic Sea and its best known for its white pebbled beaches. Dubrovnik is a city in the southern part of Croatia is best known for its Old Town area. The Old Town is one...

Dubrovnik Old Town Hotels and Cheaper Alternatives

I longed to cross Dubrovnik off my bucket list, and I finally did so early this year. However, the best area to stay in Dubrovnik when you are on a budget is NOT Old Town. Here are my Dubrovnik Old Town Hotels and Cheap Alternatives. Old Town My stress and anxiety levels were at an all-time high. Trying to plan an international trip and trying to put work in order as...

Galesnjak a tiny heart-shaped island in Croatia - Best Honeymoon Places to Visit In Croatia

Best Honeymoon Places In Croatia

Croatia offers an impressive number of romantic cities. They are some of the best honeymoon places around the world. It ranks in the top 10 countries which couples desire to visit. Croatia is renowned for some of the most breathtaking, natural landscapes. It also offers a wonderful, picturesque, romantic glimpse into the past. With a long array of well preserved...