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3 Great Croatia Resorts That Are Not Dubrovnik

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:31 am

3 Great Croatia Resorts That Are Not Dubrovnik

Croatia resorts are scattered along an extraordinary coastline with clear blue water and wonderful beaches. Croatia can also provide you with picturesque mountain views, lakes, waterfalls, and canyons. Croatia’s rich history and culture have flourished in the times. Times long ago when Croatia was at the edge of becoming one of the great empires. Croatia is a dream come true, tourist heaven.

We’re sure you’ve heard about Dubrovnik and the fact that Croatia can be quite expensive. Now you’re wondering about which should I choose on a Budget.

As with any popular destination, some cities in Croatia can be expensive. There are other great options and those can be very affordable.

Dare to be different and explore the less-traveled parts of Croatia. These options can both save you some money and offer you more authenticity. Get much more than in the usual Croatia resorts like Dubrovnik. There are quite a few options out there for those who want to enjoy a few days in Croatia resorts on a budget.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy the perfect beach on the lovely coastline of Croatia. Party every single night of your vacation in a city quite a lot like Dubrovnik.

Meet Split, Zadar, and Zagreb. They’re often overlooked, but they’ve got a lot to offer. They’re a lot cheaper for more amenities and for sure a have a lot fewer people.

Croatia Resorts in Split – A Wonderful Blend of Ancient and Modern

The second-largest city of Croatia and the largest in Dalmatia. One of the four historical regions of Croatia. Split is a great balanced mix of ancient and modern. From Diocletian’s Palace and the story-telling walls to the animated nightlife, bars. They are all are buzzing with life. Split is a destination to not miss and is also considered one of the best of the Croatia resorts.

Its location is perfect, between the Adriatic Sea and the mountains, Split has it all. Looking for alluring beaches – try Bacvice beach. Some of the most impressive Roman ruins in the world – don’t miss Diocletian’s palace which is a mini-city in itself. Looking for fancy cafes, bustling nightclubs. Head on to the Riva waterfront promenade for that. If you are searching for authentic Mediterranean food look for that type of spot in the streets. Head to the west of the palace, near the Varos neighborhood. Split is definitely a good answer to your question. ‘Which Croatia Resort Should I Choose on a Budget?’


Why Split?

Being located in the middle of Croatia’s coastline makes it a lot to see more of the country. Split also has better flight connections, with many low-cost European airlines. Another reason is the problem with overcrowding in much of Croatia during the summer. We all want to go on a summer vacation, right? Since Dubrovnik is the top choice of Croatia resorts, it suffers a lot when it comes down to overcrowding. Split is much much better.

We’ve got one more reason for the fans of Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik was not the only filming location in Croatia. You should know that one of the filming locations was Diocletian’s Palace. That makes Split even more memorable. As far as prices go, a day on a budget, including accommodation, is around 50 Euros for a couple.

3 Great Croatia Resorts That Are Not Dubrovnik

Croatia Resorts in Zadar The Ancient Capital of Dalmatia

A little bit more up North from Split lies the city of Zadar, the ancient capital of Dalmatia. The city is unique and thought-provoking. A fascinating experience that is for sure out of the ordinary. Far different from your idea of a normal tourist destination.

It’s a more off-the-beaten-path destination. Especially if you think of all the small islands around, the Zadar archipelago. One of Dalmatia’s most vibrant and alive cities, Zadar lies on a beautiful peninsula. It’s home to two exceptional and incredible attractions. 1. the Sun Salutation and 2. the Sea Organ, both designed by the local architect Nikola Basic.

The Sea Organ is a perforated stone stairway descending into the sea. It has a system of underwater pipes which produce soft soothing sounds. This occurs as the tide rises and the sea pushes air through them. The Sun Salutation is a companion of the Sea Organ. It a huge disk that collects solar energy during the daytime. It then radiates hypnotic colored lights at night. Perfect for some very relaxing moments both during the day and at night.

Zadar and its historic center went through a lot of diversity during its recent history. This started with Allied bombings in the Second World War. Again during the 1991 Yugoslav attacks. The 2000’s have had a surprising cultural and renaissance revival. That’s why it’s another wonderful answer to your Croatia Resorts question. ‘Which Croatia Resort Should I Choose on a Budget?’


Why Zadar?

It’s close to four national parks: Plitvice Lakes, Krka Waterfalls, Paklenica and Northern Velebit. If you feel like taking a walk in nature Zadar has more than enough to offer. What’s more, you can have a boat trip to the Kornati Islands National Park. Plus all the other islands around in the archipelago if that isn’t enough.

Zadar is a transport center with good ferries to the surrounding islands and Italy. There are several small towns in the surroundings that are worth visiting. Another benefit is its central location and the international airport. Both of which offer many options. When it comes to money, we can tell you that it’s cheaper than Split. Which in turn is cheaper than Dubrovnik so it’s worth considering.


Croatia Resorts in Zagreb – The City of Museums

The capital and the largest city of Croatia, Zagreb is our third choice. It’s not situated on the coastline, but deep inside the mainland, in the northwest of the country. This city is often ignored by most tourists visiting Croatia.

Zagreb is rich in culture and history. It boasts arts and music, interesting architecture and delicious local food. These combined with many other things make it an extraordinary choice for a getaway. Often called the city of museums, for it does have many of them, Zagreb has a lot to offer. You can start at the Katpol and stroll the streets. Look for alternative music venues and discover the town’s many other offers as well.

Make sure you don’t miss “the belly of Zagreb”, as locals call it, to get a taste of the delicious local foods. Be sure that you do not forget to check Radiceva Street for some fashion. The Tkalciceva street in the evening is a fun place to check out. It offers a pedestrian promenade full of boutiques, restaurants, and bars. Whatever your wishes, you won’t get bored if you pick Zagreb out of all Croatia resorts.

Unlike other popular destinations like Dubrovnik, Zagreb is a year-round destination. It can offer good outdoor options during every season. During summer you can check the Jarun Lake, which offers great ways to have fun swimming, sailing. You can also dance the night away in the discos by the lake after your swim. In wintertime, you can go skiing on the nearby Medvenica mountain.

Why Zagreb

Zagreb also offers a wider selection of accommodations, There’s something for every budget. Are you looking for couture shopping? Look no further. Zagreb is a strong competitor to other popular European cities. In Zagreb, you get so much more for your dollar when shopping. As for money, you can have a great time in Zagreb on a daily budget of no more than 60 Euros a day. That price is also including accommodation. What more can you wish for? A great answer to the question. ‘Which Croatia Resort Should I Choose on a Budget?’

zadar church

Our Top Pick of Croatia Resorts

While there’s no definite answer when it comes to Croatia Resorts and which should I choose on a budget. It depends on a person’s character and desires. But, we do have a top pick. It’s Split.

You’re in the center of everything, with lots of options to visit around the country. You’re at the number one most loved for a place in Croatia, the coastline. And you’re 4-5 hours away by bus from the go-to destination Dubrovnik, should you want to visit. Split is cheap enough, with a price tag of under $60 for a day’s budget.

Whatever your choice, you are going to have a good time in any of Croatia’s Resorts.

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