Create A Video That Sells Without A Tripod

Many times you want to create a video that sells but you don’t have a tripod or monopod. There is not anything you can lean against. There are times you don’t want to carry the tripod because of inconvenience. Regardless, you can make a great video that sells without a tripod with these useful tips.

Create A Video That Sells Without Tripods Girl Making A Video

Use the ground, a wall or another surface to hold the camera still. These can replace the tripod and will keep your camera steady while taking videos. Place your camera on the ground if it’s level. This will keep it from shaking and give you more creative videos by changing the perspective. This, sometimes, does not look as well as we’d like. Give it a try, you never know what you have until you do it.

If the ground angle doesn’t work for you, you can lean on a wall to keep a shot steady. Lean on your supporting shoulder for best results using a shoulder-mounted camera. A good option is to place the camera on a table, a rock or any surface that’s level and smooth. You do need to place it near the end to avoid capturing the ugly corners.

1. The Image Stabilizer Is Key to
Create A Video That Sells

Before you take that critical video make sure you use the image stabilization function at least once to check its effects. Most often it does have significant improvement. This will depend on the camera and the technology, it might not fix every single wobble.

If you need to hold the camera in your hand, do it right. Videos are better with a surface to lean against, a wall or anything to keep the camera steady. Some of the time these are not options and you have to hold the camera in your hand.

The tendency is to hold the camera with your right hand and use the left to change the settings but this will guarantee a bad quality video. What you need to do is hold the camera with the right hand, but hold the left hand underneath to support it.

2. Create A Video That Sells
With the Following Tips

The following tips will also help you when you have to hold the camera in your hands:

– Keep the camera close to your body. It makes taking steady shots much easier. Depending on your camera model you can use either your head, chin, chest or mouth to stabilize it.

– Plant your elbows on any surface. There are times you can’t find a surface that’s leveled enough to support your camera. You can still place your elbows against your body while holding it as it will help you keep your hands steady.

– Move closer to what you’re filming. When you are too far away and you will have to zoom. Every slight move your body makes will show in your video. The solution is to move closer to your target and zoom out.

3. Use The Eyepiece
If You Have This Option

If your camera allows you to use either a small screen or an eyepiece to see what’s being filmed, you should use the eyepiece when you don’t have a tripod.

The reason is very simple: When you hold the camera to your eye you can use your head as a stabilizer. Another object that holds it still instead of only holding it in front of your body. Another benefit of using the eyepiece is that you will be able to focus only on what you’re filming. You will be able to see in real time how steady your video is and you can make changes.

4.  Make Sure the Horizon Is Level

This is the most important aspect to create a video that sells. Videos that are not level will not ever be wanted by a client. There are some ways to edit this out but they are rarely successful.

It doesn’t matter how steady you hold the camera if the horizon is not leveled. Everyone who watches your video will know it was
shot by someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Make sure the horizon is level. This is especially important using a temporary surface to hold the camera.

Using the tripod is definitely the best choice but many times
it is not possible. If you have to make an important video but you don’t have the tripod, you shouldn’t worry. You can still have a high-quality result by keeping in mind these tips.

Use all of these simple tricks and you will be surprised, you will be able to create a video that sells in just a few tries. Getting these 4 tips right and using them every day will help create a video that sells more often.

Now that you have learned about creating a video without a tripod that sells, what’s next?
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