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10 Great Tips to Create the Best Drone Videos

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:30 am

Create the Best Drone Videos With These Five Tips

Drones have replaced the use of conventional cameras to a great extent but to succeed you will need to create the best drone videos. Gone are the days when you would hunt for a high altitude location. Place your tripod at the location and mount your video camera to record a natural landscape video. It has all become much simpler and easier!

You can capture those high altitude videos just by making your drone hover and fly high in the air. Bringing to your screen, shots that would delight you and also your viewers. What’s more is that there is not one but several hundred models to choose from, each having its unique benefits.

Getting a drone is easy, but to create the best footage from it is not an easy task. There are a lot of technical and practical factors that you need to consider before you can think of creating a masterpiece video from your drone. Create the Best Drone Videos if you want yours to outperform others with these tips.

Create the Best Drone Videos With These Five Tips (1)

Here are Five Tips to Create Create the Best Drone Videos

1. Get To Know Your Location Well

The first and foremost thing to shoot a great video is to explore the location in detail. Whatever the occasion or set up, you need to make yourself aware of every corner of your location. This will help you plan your shots well and create breathtaking shots that would make the viewers marvel.

For outdoor landscape shoots, you can make use of Google Maps to get an idea about the terrain and specific spots that you want to cover. Alternatively, you can take a walk around the location and make your drone fly a little bit and make an aerial survey. After that, plan out the altitude variations and movements of your drone. This will enable you to curate a wonderful video.

An indoor setting like wedding receptions or baby shower functions would involve a different kind of understanding of the location. The venue for these locations would be small and mostly indoors. You can inspect the venue to get an idea about the decor, design, and obstructions in place. This way you can plan a vivid idea on how you would like to record your shots.

2. Fine Tune Your Settings

Nowadays most drones come with obstacle avoidance features. This essentially prevents the drone from getting up close to objects and avoids any unprecedented crashes. However, when you are high up in the air and taking shots that require you to get closer to objects, it would be advisable to switch this feature off. It will make the shots appear more smooth and clear.

On similar lines, there would be many such features, depending upon the model of drone you have purchased. If your drone has the option of recording in LOG color space you should switch to that mode. It helps you record shots over a wider and dynamic range. It is somewhat similar to the RAW file format in images.

Fine-tuning your settings is one of the best ways to create the best drone videos every time you have the chance. You should make an effort to record your video with flat and natural settings, this would help you keep every detail intact. It is always advisable to give a thorough read to the manual of your drone, especially the settings part. If that sounds like too much, just remember – ‘Hard work pays off!’


3. Learn To Fly Well

You should practice taking all the different types of shots – Birds Eye View, Horizontal Side Reveal, Fly Through Shots, etc. The more you practice the better your shots will become. You can also make a note of the shortcomings in your last flight and work on improving them.

‘Practice’ is the most essential way to get footage that will attract buyers. You can replay your shot several times to get an idea about the drawbacks and how you can work on making it better. Every professional puts in hours of practice, giving attention to all the specifics. You too should strive for the same.

Being a good pilot will help you create better videos from your drone camera. You should learn how to keep your drone steady and fly it slow. This will avoid motion blur and strobe in the video footage.

4. Time Of The Day

During different times of the day, the effect of light on the shot would be different. You should record your video at a convenient time that tunes in with the theme of your production. Also, work out the hours that you might require to record a video. You would not want to land up in the dark anytime within an hour of staring your shoot.

Several people end up capturing average footage because they forget to consider the relationship between the time of the day and light. The intensity of sunlight is extremely crucial in helping you record videos from the drone. You should work out the specifics (hours, light, time, etc.) and plan your shot accordingly. Every intrinsic detail contributes to helping you create the best drone videos.

5. Post Processing

Your attempt to get perfect video footage doesn’t end at the time when your drone makes a touchdown! There is a lot to do with the raw footage that your drone has captured.

You can use professional editing software like Adobe Premier to fine-tune your shots. A little bit of fine-tuning can help you create more wonderful video footage. This software helps you adjust motion blur, exposure and brightness levels. This enhances the ‘look and feel’ of your footage.

It is also important to find background music that perfectly matches with the message that you want to convey. Music has a great impact on the minds of the viewers. You would not want to attach a Justin Bieber song to a landscape video shoot! A piece of soft and soothing music is what would create an impact. Make sure to get it right.

Create the Best Drone Videos

Final Thoughts to Create the Best Drone Videos

All these tips will enable you to record perfect video footage. Every detail, from proposed drone maneuvers to post-shot editing should be given considerable attention. A perfect video is hard to make but not impossible. It is your effort that will make it happen.

So, just go out with your drone and make it happen!

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