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5 Best Chiang Mai Food Spots To Visit

Chiang Mai Food Spots To Visit Today

Chiang Mai Street Food, where it is and what you can find. If you are planning to visit Thailand expect a wide variety of travel destinations to choose from. It is an ideal tourist destination since it offers something to all travelers. Chiang Mai offers tourists a special type of holiday experience.


Located in the mountains in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a food lover’s paradise. Travelers who have visited Thailand will tell you where to find the best food in the streets. You have a wide range of options to choose from and everything is cheap. Finding the best street vendors on your first visit may be hard for you. We will provide you with 5 great areas where they gather. You can also ask your hotel or hostel owner for recommendations. Here are the 5 best street food locations in Chiang Mai.

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1. Chiang Mai Gate – South Gate


The South Gate boasts of tourist attractions and many guesthouses. Apart from that, the South Gate is famous for street foods. Near the city center, South Gate offers about everything you could wish to order. They serve Pad Thai, fried food, curries, chicken, stuffed sausages, noodles, and fruits. You can also find foods in pots that you have no idea about.

All you need to do is to order and wait for a few minutes while your dish gets prepared. Vegetarians also get treated when they visit the South Gate. Ask for vendors selling the best vegetarian food. The South Gate is open every day from early morning to late at night. You can never have enough of what the South Gate has to offer when it comes to delicious street foods.

2. The Chiang Mai University Back Gate


Eating in the streets of Chian Mai, usually done by visitors and locals as well. Visit along Suthep Road or the back gate of Chiang Mai University. You can’t miss seeing crowds of people gathering by food carts. There are also restaurants as well as sweet shops around. Here foreigners have to make way for the Thai students. They flock in numbers to enjoy the best dishes they can find at very cheap prices.

The ‘cheap eats’, meant to attract the students are a contest between vendors. To find the best food here, look for locations where the local people and food carts gather. Since students dine along the stalls at the back gate daily, expect the food to be very fresh. Grab something to eat and eat with locals to have an unforgettable experience.

5 Best Chiang Mai Food Spots To Visit Today

3. North Gate Night Market


Without any doubt, some of the best Thai delicacy locations is in street stalls and markets. If you are a big fan of Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine, you should visit the North Gate. Located along Sri Chum Road, it is famous for its street food vendors and delicious cuisines. The vendors operate until late at night serving all types of snacks and dishes. You have a wide variety of foods to choose from and you will find yourself eating something new every day.

Most people who visit the North Gate Night Market come for the pork legs served with rice. You can also find fruit juice and coffee vendors. In the North Gate, you will find that some stalls that have specialized in preparing one dish. If you are not familiar with the Thai dishes prepared here, English menus are available. Most dishes are cheap and you can order from other restaurants while sitting at the same table.

4. The Saturday and Sunday Walking Streets


You will not fail to find good food stalls in almost all the markets you visit. The Saturday Walking Street Market is no different. It operates from 5 pm onwards when the sun starts to set, turning the busy Wualai Road into a huge pedestrian area. Although it started in the same period as ‘The Sunday Walking Street’ started, most people prefer visiting ‘The Sunday Walking Street’. This does not mean that this market has nothing to offer when it comes to food, and especially street foods. You will find the same foods sold by vendors in both of the markets. If you are looking for somewhere to grab delicious street food in Chiang Mai look no further. The Saturday Walking Street market will take care of all your needs.

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5. The Sunday Walking Street Market


Situated at the center of an old walled area of Chiang Mai. It has a series of streets that join at a major intersection. You can walk for hours and still not manage to see all the walking street has to offer. Street food lovers will have an amazing time visiting ‘The Sunday Walking Street’ because there are lots of foods to sample from the street food vendors. Whenever this market is open, Ratchadamnoen Road remains closed to traffic. At this market, you will find tourists and locals gathered to eat the fantastic foods offered.

The Sunday Market is a paradise for food lovers. The market operates from 4 pm until midnight, though the food on offer may get finished before midnight. A good number of the food stalls are located away from the less chaotic temple yards. Of the two markets, ‘The Sunday Walking Street Market’ will give you the best experience when looking for the best street foods to eat and authentic handmade crafts for sale.

6. Warorot Market


This market is well known for its vibrant atmosphere. It is a historical landmark that is also famous for its specialty of Chiang Mai food. Almost 90% of the people who visit this famous market come to try fried pork and sausages. Apart from the two types of meat, you can find other items on the menu. Visit Warorot Market for the best street food experience in Chiang Mai.


Finding mouthwatering foods in Chiang Mai is not a difficult task. The above-mentioned locations will offer you some of the best street food you will eat anywhere in the world. If you are a food lover and you are visiting Thailand don’t leave without having a taste of what the Thai culture has to offer when it comes to street foods. Go and get something to eat even if you have never tried it out. All the best!

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