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The 7 Cheapest Flight Hacks That Work Every Time.

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:30 am

The 10 Flight Hacks That Work Every Time.

Everyone wants to find the cheapest flight available. Whatever their destination they want to get there for the least amount of money. Domestic travel or going abroad, you want to find the cheapest flight. A flight that does not cost a small fortune but also one where you can arrive without a mega layover. Doing so is actually somewhat easy. It will take some work and planning and follow our simple steps.


Airlines and sites that sell tickets earn more when you pay a higher fee. When you pay more, they get more. You will have to work harder to find a cheap price. To get that deal you will have to evade the roadblocks ticket sellers set up to block you. They do everything possible to get you to pay more for the same flight.

There are a few steps in the process but the extra work is well worth the trouble. In the end, you should be able to get the cheapest ticket possible, regardless of where you are going. This is possible and achievable for everyone … so buckle your seatbelt, put your tray table up and let’s get started.

The 10 Cheapest Flight Hacks That Work Every Time.

Cheapest Flight Hacks Tip #1:  Incognito Is The Way To Search For Lowest Airfare

Sites track you. Using cookies, they can see where you go and what you do. While this information is helpful in a lot of ways, it can also work against you, like in the case of flight websites. Having the ticket brokers know where, when and what rate you have seen is a huge disadvantage to you. They can chip away a few dollars and make you think you got a better deal.

They use your search history to determine what flights you have searched for. When they see you looking into these flights, they will up the prices. That may seem counter-intuitive, for these sites to charge you more as you research, but there is a reason behind it.
When they notice that you are looking for specific flights, they want you to buy now and pay higher. To make you do this, they inflate prices so that you feel an urgency to buy now, lest prices increase soon.

To get the best deal and lowest prices, go incognito. When sites cannot track you, they cannot use your information against you. It is how you save yourself from questionable practices like price inflation. Change your chrome browser to incognito by pressing the dots on the upper right and choosing the incognito mode.

Cheapest Flight Hacks Tip #2: Cheapest Flights Appear 1-2 Months Departure

Part of getting the Lowest Airfare is buying well ahead of when you have to travel. The sooner you buy, the cheaper the flight is going to be. If you wait until your flight date is just around the corner, the price is usually much higher.

The best flight prices usually come around 40 to 50 days before the flight on average. Too early and you pay a little more, and as the time for the flight nears you will pay more. The trick is researching the sweet spot as time approaches and your best chance for getting the lowest cost.

The moment you know when you are going to need to travel, book your flight. Airlines are going to charge more if you book too close to your flight time. You might even reduce your travel options if flights fill up.

Some cost-saving options available right now might not be available in the future. Start buying immediately to keep your costs minimal.

Also, you have to look at what you get for your money. Many of the airlines look better than the others until you have to add in the extras. Free checked baggage is the largest of these differences.

Airline ‘A’ may offer you a ticket that is $100 but has a $75 baggage fee. Plus you have to pay for meals, pillows, and in some cases even a bottle of water. Airline ‘B might offer you a flight for $160 with everything included. You need to read the fine print when booking any flight.

Flight Hacks

Cheapest Flight Hacks Tip #3: The Cheapest Flight At The Last Minute

Yes, this sounds contradictive and buying early is still best. BUT, there are last-minute deals available. If you want to take a quick random trip or if a trip comes up you may get a better price. The airline will cut its prices to fill seats when the departure times get too close and they have too many seats.

These deals are riskier if you have a place you have to go, but the deals can save you a lot of money. This is usually done only for a small, short trip. These price cuts can get you on a flight in a matter of days without having to spend as much as you might otherwise have had to pay.

Cheapest Flight Hacks Tip #4: Choose the Best Day of the Week (Sometimes Month)

Not every day is equal in the eyes of the airlines when it comes to flight costs. The Lowest Airfare oftentimes lands on a weekday, though the exact day changes. Do not assume that every day costs the same for every flight.

If you want to get the best deal, look at the entire month. Every day is going to have different prices, and some days will remain at the same price. Choose a day that is the lowest.

Remember that the lowest day can change often. Weekdays often save you the most amount of money. This can vary depending on the time of year, airline, and several other factors. The best rates available are usually on major holidays in specific countries. The week before Christmas or New Years may be very high but on the very day, rates can be in the cellar.

Cheapest Flight Hacks Tip #5: More Stops Usually Equal the Cheapest Flight

People like getting to their destination as soon as possible. When they have a layover, they try to keep it short so they can get right to where they want to go. This might get you to your destination sooner, but it can also cost you more money.

If you want the Cheapest Flight, you might have to consider getting flights with more than one stop. Getting several flights with longer layovers saves you even more money. You get to experience different parts of the world. See more and you can save money while you do it.

Another option is to buy tickets one at a time. You can buy a ticket to a major city, and then buy a ticket from there to your destination. Instead of having that rolled into one ticket price, two tickets could cost you less. This is the best of all practices to get the biggest savings and the lowest cost.

We travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand on a regular basis. The main airport in Bangkok is BKK and the smaller DMK. The cost of BKK is quite a lot higher but that is the airport most international flights will take you to.

Take the free shuttle bus at BKK and take a 20-minute free ride through Bangkok to DMK. You may save $20 or $30 on the flight to Chiang Mai. This does not seem to be a huge amount to take that much trouble. However, in Thailand where meals are about $1 each and Songthaew Taxis are only 20 cents an extra $30 pays for a lot.

Sure, this step might take more time to get you to your final destination. It succeeds in saving you money and showing you different cities. Enjoy the stopover city a little, save some money, and still get to where you need to go. Most larger cities have multiple airports. London has at least 4 that I am aware of. In almost all cases they offer free shuttle services between the different airports.

Cheapest Flight Hacks Tip #6: Choose the Right Airline

Each airline is going to have its own prices for the same flights. Some airlines will specialize in budget flights and give you the cheapest prices. Their entire goal is to keep flights cheap so that you do not have to spend more. These savings can be the difference in lodging and food based on the money you save.

Look into these airlines. Consider local or very small ones, too. These types of airlines are going to save you a lot of money if you can book with them. Even if it is one leg of the trip in some cases, they can save you hundreds of dollars on a flight.

Make sure to compare each airline and use the above information to figure out when the best flight time is. You could easily cut the cost in half.

Do not worry about sacrificing too much, either. The cheapest flight may lack the amenities that the more expensive flights offer. The quality and flight duration is generally the same and both flights get the job done.

Choosing the right deals, time, airline, and flight can take a lot out of you, but it saves you money in return. If you are hoping to catch the Lowest Airfare, you will want to put in that extra legwork to make it possible.

These type of flights are fine for a duration of 2 to 4 hours. When flying over larger distances I would not consider using them. You will arrive unhappy, tired, stiff and sore from the smaller seats and restricted legroom.

Cheapest Flight Hacks Tip #7: Our Conclusions For The Cheapest Flight

There is not a set number of steps to find the Lowest Airfare. When you begin using different sources to find flights you will get a good idea of the going rates.

Take these with the tips above, spot a couple of likely flights and check the flight’s company pages. See if you can get them cheaper going through the airlines itself. From our experience, we usually get the cheapest flight from certain sites.

Our favorite site to get the best deal is always Jet Radar.

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