Make Videos From Photos With Music or Commentary

Did you ever wish you could make videos from photos with music? When traveling, travelers are always taking pictures of exotic places they visit....

Holiday Video That Sell Fast As Footage Clips

To start, purchase equipment and software that will produce high-quality footage. Photos and holiday video taken in high definition are more likely to catch...

Video Footage of Sellable Destinations You Visit

Do you wonder how professional videographers shoot their video footage? Have you ever asked yourself "How did they do that?" "Do they have 1,...

Get Paid For Videos: 4 Tips To Sell More Footage

Enormous amounts of video content get uploaded to the web and social media sites every day. But do you know that you can get...

Travel Video Success in 4 Simple Steps

Travel Video Success in 4 Simple Steps is an easy to follow guide for you to increase your video success rate. Create a professional...

Create A Video That Sells Without A Tripod

Many times you want to create a video that sells but you don't have a tripod or monopod. There is not anything you can...
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