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5 Best Reasons to Choose Brac Croatia vs Dubrovnik

5 Best Reasons to Choose Brac Croatia vs Dubrovnik

Brac Croatia and Dubrovnik are both stars in Croatian tourism and if you are wondering which is the best between the two, Dubrovnik probably takes the crown


Brac is a Croatian island found in the Adriatic Sea and its best known for its white pebbled beaches. Dubrovnik is a city in the southern part of Croatia is best known for its Old Town area. The Old Town is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. In truth, its UNESCO ranking makes it popular throughout the entire world.

Dubrovnik is not an easy place to quantify. This city has so many landmarks, restaurants and dozens of places where you can explore. It offers an ethereal experience that cannot be only felt, but also touched. The one problem is it is the most expensive place that I have visited in any Eastern European country.

Brac Croatia vs Dubrovnik

Explore the Options

There are options for this and you can read about them in our other articles. On a budget, beware of staying in or near the Old Town area. This is due in part to the HBO series Game of Thrones having a great deal of their episodes film in the Old Town section.

The city of Dubrovnik is located on the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik has always benefited from its seaside position. Much of Croatia’s wealth today comes through this port city. This is due to millions of tourists alighting from the giant cruise ships. Its location on the Adriatic Sea coastline makes it the perfect place to explore the rest of the country.

Other Options in Croatia

You might also consider other options along the coast like Split, Zadar or Pasman. Learn more about them in this article on our site. Visit It Here This smaller city also has a great Old Town and is much more reasonable for budget travelers. In Split, you can enjoy the inner city which offers low-cost transport systems. You might also take a boat or a ferry ride to the sea and explore the sea or engage in some sea sports.

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Ease of Getting Around: Brac Croatia vs Dubrovnik

Brac Croatia is an island with only one airport and getting around is usually very difficult. There are buses but they don’t cover the whole island. This means you have to do a lot of walking while exploring some parts of the island.

Walking through Dubrovnik is like walking through a fairytale town. The city is one of the few medieval-walled cities remaining in the world. Walking through it feels like walking through an ancient time. Huge stone buildings, unique imposing gates, and beautiful historical artifacts are all impressive.

This city was founded in the 7th century. It had a prominent geopolitical role in the 15th and 16th centuries. This in part due to its immense wealth and incredible diplomatic skills. Through time, Dubrovnik has become a city that is adept at welcoming and hosting tourists. It’s a tangible place that looks like a place in times gone by. That is the reason Game of Thrones has its shoot location here.

Cultural History: Brac Croatia vs Dubrovnik

Are you looking for a place to soak up some culture? Then Dubrovnik Croatia is the right place. Dubrovnik and Brac Croatia are historical towns that are rich in tradition. Dubrovnik serves the most authentic Croatian culture.

Brac Croatia has very little in the way of cultural activities and places. The occupation of its main inhabitants is cattle herding and fishing.

Dubrovnik is an artist’s stage that stands between the traditional walls. The city houses many theatres and art options. Hundreds of festivals and arts performances visit here each year.

Dubrovnik offers traditional settlements, protected historical buildings, ancient churches, monasteries and old fortifications. The UNESCO World Heritage has listed as the Dubrovnik World Heritage Site. This was done because of its landscapes and cultural treasures.

Foods & Accommodations: Brac Croatia vs Dubrovnik

Brac Croatia is an island while Dubrovnik Croatia is a city port. They both serve the fabulous Croatian foods thanks to easy access to fresh seafood. Dubrovnik serves the tastier, mouthwatering dishes. There are many international hotels in Dubrovnik compared to Brac. In Dubrovnik, you are more likely to find different types of food and cuisines. The various cuisines are usually prepared by renowned chefs. Finding accommodation in Dubrovnik can be easier and cheaper. The hotels, villas, cottages and other holiday rentals provide options for any budget.

Activities: Brac Croatia vs Dubrovnik

Brac Croatia has a lot of beaches because of its location on an island. The island has limited tourist attraction sites. Outdoor activities include swimming, boat riding, surfing, diving trips, snorkeling and speedboat excursions. In Dubrovnik, Croatia, there are more outdoor activities that you can engage in. Visit ancient churches and monasteries, boating, road trips, cultural explorations, and museums. Take a day trip across the border and visit the neighboring countries.

5 Best Reasons to Choose Brac Croatia vs Dubrovnik

Nightlife: Brac Croatia vs Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Croatia has a lively nightlife, Brac Croatia has a less engaging nightlife. In Brac, the number of hotels, restaurants, and bars are very few and hard to find. The island doesn’t have a good transport network which makes even going out at night very difficult. Brac is a city based on fishing and agriculture, not tourism. The locals spend their time indoors at night and it is not a lively place in the evening.

When the sun sets in Dubrovnik, a new ambiance fills the city. The nightlife in Dubrovnik is completely different from what you find in the rest of Croatia. Young residents mix and mingle with the tourists in the trendy clubs and cozy bars that are open 24/7.

Darkness in the streets of old town become the source of laughter, romance, clamor, and music.
You feel an international atmosphere throughout the city. Classical live music performances, bars, pubs, lounges, clubs, and casinos throb with life. There are open-air theater performances by renowned performing artists. Most of the bars, clubs, and lounges are open throughout the night. If you are looking for a place where you can party and mingle with new people, then Dubrovnik is the place to be.

“May I Have The Envelope, Please”


Choosing between Brac and Dubrovnik is an easy choice. Dubrovnik has a lot more to offer and is my choice. Dubrovnik offers the marina, shopping, nightlife, historic building and traditional markets. There is nothing lacking in Dubrovnik. Offerings such as sushi, seafood taverns, gelaterias, and cafes. Some things are not available or not found in Brac.

The biggest problem with Dubrovnik is the overpriced lodging and food in the old town area. That is easy to overcome by not staying or dining there. We have this article – Dubrovnik Old Town Hotels and Cheaper Alternatives – that will show the best options. Dubrovnik is Croatia’s crowning glory and a place to visit once in a lifetime.

When it comes to choice, it comes down to what you are looking for on your vacation. Hustle and bustle or a quieter more relaxed atmosphere. I guess the best alternative would be to spend time in both with a short visit to Split as well.



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