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7 Best Travel Backpacks: An Option to Fit Every Need

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:30 am

7 Best Travel Backpacks An Option to Fit Every Need

We thought we should show you the best travel backpack to keep your gear safe. Anyone that knows us, knows how much we love to travel. After so many years together and a majority of that time being spent touring and exploring, it has kind of become “our thing”. We have a number of backpacks for different occasions and, while we do not use backpacks exclusively, now we do take them along to use on location.

We both agree that backpacking is by far our favorite method. Voyaging through a new world with nothing but what’s on your back is a brave and liberating action on its own, but having a trusted partner with you brings a whole different element to both the journey and the relationship.

Apart from having your favorite traveling companion along for the trek, another key to a successful backpacking trip is the right gear. New backpack models are coming out every year, each with different gizmos, features, and prices. What’s perfect for you may be entirely different from another person. Let’s narrow it down to the basic important essentials when it comes to choosing the one for you.

With us, the number one concern is the safety of our belongings and there are no better backpacks or luggage than Pacsafe. Everything we own from bags, to backpacks, camera bags, passport holders and moneybelts are Pacsafe and yours should be also. They have a wide selection to fit all of the parameters listed in the article.

Choosing the Best Travel Backpack Based on Features

WEIGHT – Look for a backpack that is lightweight. This can make or break your stamina throughout the trip. If the backpack comes with extra features that won’t be useful to you, such as unnecessary zippers or decorative adornments, pass on it.

CAPACITY – Backpack capacities are measured in liters because it refers to how much the bag can hold. Consider everything that you will need to carry and if the backpack can cater to those needs. 15-30 liters would work for a day trip of hiking. 30-40 liters would be better for a weekend or just a few days. 50-65 liters would be better for longer journeys.

DURABILITY – The last thing you want is a backpack to break a strap or form a hole while you are mid-way through a week-long excursion. Choose one that is made “tough”. You’ll want to consider the fabric it is made of, and how strong the stitching is. Furthermore, find out if it is water-resistant. If not, there are rain covers you can buy additionally.

ACCESSIBILITY – Bags that are front-loading are considered to be more travel-friendly because they open similar to luggage. This allows the user to see and locate items easier. For hiking, they are often top-loading, so you have to dig from the top to find what you’re looking for inside.

STRAPS – An avid backpacker knows the pain of your shoulders being weighed down. It can be excruciating after wearing a heavy backpack for a long period of time. You definitely want a bag that distributes the weight more evenly. Look for a padded waist strap to save yourself from aching throughout the whole trip. If you think you would make good use of handles, that is another bonus feature to seek.

POCKETS – We tend to have a “less is more” mindset but to each their own. Keep in mind that extra fabric can amount to extra weight, but they help some people stay more organized. Both of us do utilize water-bottle side pockets.

ZIPPERS – You do not want to fuss with a sticky zipper when you are tired from trekking in nature. If possible, test how smooth it ripples open and closed in the store. If you are shopping online, that is obviously not an option, but notable advice may be that we prefer large zippers. They are easy to grab and can often use locks on them.

DIMENSIONS – This is especially important if you plan to carry your backpack on an airplane. If so, you will want to make sure it is under the size that your airline allows.

FIT – The wrong fit for your body type can ruin the experience of using a particular backpack. Consider the length of your torso, not necessarily your entire height.

AESTHETICS – This may not matter to everyone, but take note that some backpacking gear is wider than taller, which can appear boxy.

Best Travel Backpack An Option to Fit Every Need

A Backpack’s Purpose

How you will be using the backpack is the key to knowing which one is right for you. If you tend to pack lightly, a 40-liter bag will probably be plenty for you. If you carry lots of tech equipment (such as camera gear or gadgets) you might need to check your bags on a plane, for example. Listed below are a few common purposes and advice on each.

Best Travel Backpack for The Adventurous Traveler

We definitely fall into this category. This type of hiker takes their outdoor adventures seriously. They can often be found up a mountain or deep in a jungle. They tend to travel to exotic countries just for the mere excitement of exploring the land. This traveler loads up his/her backpack with the purpose of survival in mind more than anything else.

Best Travel Backpack for The Carry-On Traveler

This is how we are referring to those that hate checking in luggage at the airport. This type of traveler appreciates the simple life and tends to put the focus on what is thrifty and efficient. They typically will take part in a day hike or check out a backpacking trail but do not usually stay out in nature overnight. That being said, they most likely will not need to tote any camping gear and sleeping bags.

Best Travel Backpack for The Gap Year Traveler

Students often take a year off to “live a little” before heading to college. Or, perhaps they’ve finished school and are taking their gap year before settling into the real world. Many times, these travelers are not as experienced and tend to overpack. Their purpose in traveling is mostly to encounter a taste of adventure while they have the opportunity.

Best Travel Backpack Options

We have put our heads together to provide this list of traveling bags that get our seal of approval. Hopefully, one of these will end up being the best travel backpack for you. We have tried to find at least a backpack that we have used or are using ourselves for every occasion or need. It does not matter if you are going on a day shoot or a 3-month adventure trek to the wilderness PackSafe bags will keep you safe.

Best Travel Backpack An Option to Fit Every Need (1)

Best Travel Backpack #1: Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP65 Anti-Theft Travel Backpack, Black


  • – Secure 65-liter travel pack with five anti-theft features built-in for peace of mind travel; book style opening of the main compartment makes all gear easily accessible.
    – Interlocking zippers and stainless steel cable can be secured to the Roobar Locking System, securing all zippers to one central point and ability to lock bag to a secure fixture.
    – Lightweight, hidden eXomesh Slashguard stainless steel wire mesh embedded into fabric helps protect against slash-and-run theft.
    – Padded shoulder and waist straps; ergonomic aluminum frame; adjustable back harness.
    15.8 x 13 x 29.6
    Color Options – black, pink, blue
  • This is the one if you are going to literally live on the road. The best travel backpack for longterm travelers. It is big bold and will hold all of your gear.

Best Travel Backpack #2: Pacsafe Venturesafe X40 Multi-Purpose Backpack, Hawaiian Blue

  • – Multi-purpose 40-liter backpack with built-in security features; main pocket accessible through the back panel.
    – Comfortable, breathable shoulder and waist straps; u-shaped aluminum frame for heavy loads.
    – Lightweight, hidden exo-mesh slash guard stainless steel wire mesh embedded into fabric helps protect against slash-and-run theft.
    – Built-in rain cover; RFID safe protection; smart zipper security to deter thieves and pickpockets.
    – 8.7 x 11.8 x 21.7
    – Colors are Black and Blue

This backpack is much like the Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP65 but is more suitable for a woman’s body. Probably the best travel backpacks in the extra-large category

Best Travel Backpack #3: Pacsafe Quiksilver x Pacsafe 40L Anti-Theft Carry-on Travel Backpack (Black)

  • – 1000D Polyester Mild Cordura
    – Main material: 1000D Polyester Mild Kodura, PU1000mm; Lining: 150D Polyester Printed Oxford, PU500mm
    – Weight 3.81 lbs / 1.73 kg
    – 40 Liter Capacity
    – Strap Length – Backpack Strap Length: (min) 21.65 in / 55 cm; (max): 37.01 in / 94 cm
    – Designed to meet airline carry-on standards.
    – Color Black Only

This is the best travel backpack for those that do overnight treks or camping trips. It has a suspension technology, which makes it extremely comfortable. It comes with a rain cover and is very lightweight for a bag of its size and capacity.

Best Travel Backpack #4: PacSafe Women’s Venturesafe Exp55 Anti-theft Travel Pack-Black Backpack, One Size

  • – Nylon, Ripstop
    – Imported
    – polyester lining
    – Zip closure
    – 67 cm high // 26 cm wide
    – Exomes splashguard – hidden stainless steel wire mesh helps protect against slash & run theft.
    – Stainless steel locking cable – secures the bag to a fixed object to help prevent snatch & run theft.
    – Robar locking system – central lockdown point for zippers, straps/cables helps protect against pickpockets and snatch & grab theft. Included is a hole for a small lock to provide an extra level of security.
    – Puncture resistant tough zip – puncture-resistant double zipper helps prevent against unwanted entry into luggage.
    – 10.24 x 14.17 x 26.38
    – Colors are Black Only

The bag is geared toward “digital nomads” who travel with their laptops and other tech equipment. It is full of features that the computer geek in you will love. It includes a cord-to-pocket component and even has a special pocket just for your underwear. It can easily attach to bigger luggage pieces and also can convert into a duffle bag. Although the aesthetics are simple, there is a lot of attention to detail within this bag. This is why we think it fits the best travel backpack for digital nomads better than any other

Best Travel Backpack #5: Pacsafe Unisex Dry 25L Anti-Theft Splashproof Backpack Orange One Size

1000D Nylon x 900D Polyester
46 centimeters high
Wet/Dry separation
External daisy chain for durable point of attachment
Internal attachment point for wallets and keys
Sternum strap
Water bottle pocket
Color options Pink and Brown

If you are the sporty type this could be the best travel backpack for you, this bag could be the one for you. It is so lightweight and is great for hiking. It holds more than one might think and has lots of organized compartments.

Best Travel Backpack #6: PacSafe Venturesafe X30 Anti-theft Black Hiking Backpack

  • -Nylon, Polyester, Ripstop
    – Imported
    – polyester lining
    – Zipper closure
    – 54 cm high / 21 cm wide
    – ANTI-THEFT DESIGN – With interlocking Zippers and Cut Proof Material (lightweight steel mesh) to prevent theft/pickpocketing, plus an RFID blocking pocket to keep your credit cards/ IDs safe. Patented in the USA, by Pacsafe, the original anti-theft brand.
    – ORGANIZATION & POCKETS – 2 lockable zipped compartments, 1 securable zipper front pocket, 1 small zipper top pocket, 1 padded 15″ laptop sleeve, 3 zipper interior pockets (1 RFIDsafe), 2 side pockets for water bottles or umbrella, 1 Key Clip.
    – FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE – Ergonomic design mimics the curve of the spine for optimum weight distribution, metal-reinforced frame for increased stability. Top-loading main compartment with zippers that extend all the way to the bottom of the bag. Light 2lbs 14oz
    – SUPER COMFORTABLE – With padded/ adjustable shoulder straps and padded & breathable waist belt. Back support padded with honey-comb fabric. Height adjustable sternum strap. With a system to fit the hydro pack. Highly water repellent bottom panel. Ideal for hikes
    – DIMENSIONS, MATERIAL & WARRANTY – 21.3″H x 10.6″W x 8.3″D. Made of soft, durable, water-resistant & easy to wipe clean Nylon and Polyester to ensure secure & long-lasting usage of daypack everyday & during weekends. It comes with a 5-year Pacsafe warranty.
    – Special Features: Rfid Blocking; Laptop Compartment

Our Best Travel Backpack! This backpack is like a travel bag and a computer pack in one. It is also great for camping. With comfort in mind, it has a padded hip belt so the weight is distributed very evenly. The airflow keeps your back from feeling too hot with this one. It has both a U-zipper and a top-loading pull cord.

Best Travel Backpack #7: PacSafe Venturesafe X30 Anti-theft Adventure Backpack

  • – Hydration pack compartment/15″  Macbook® compatible sleeve
    – Zippered main compartment with internal mesh pocket
    – Front zippered compartment with pockets for cards, phone, and passport
    – Front vertical quick access pocket
    – Top quick-access pocket

Although this backpack is not that expensive, we love this pack due to the top-notch attention to detail.

Ready for Adventure

Our Best Travel Backpack for Backpacking on foot allows you to trek into corners of the world that planes and taxis won’t take you to. You have a chance to get familiar with interesting plants and beautiful scenery that you can’t find at home. Getting in touch with what Earth has to offer can be spiritual and memorable. We hope that this guide helps you find your place in this world, the way backpacking has done for us.

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