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Overwhelmed by the thought of cooking a holiday meal? An easy solution is to leave the cooking to the pros. Here are some of the top Indianapolis restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner or offering takeout specials for the holiday. Some places are more traditional, while others are more out-of-the-box. Reservations or preorders are recommended or required by most.

Why I stopped cooking for Thanksgiving:


I love spending time with my family

In fact, I love it so much that I don’t want it to stop because I’m cooking alone in the kitchen. I want to be that awesome mom who gives my 9-year-old fond foodie memories that will bring closer family connections and happy holiday associations. But I’d also like to be part of them. I can hear my family laughing and creating lovely memories together while I’m making unmemorable ones in the kitchen peeling unfriendly potatoes. I’d rather spend my time in the family room with my actual family than in the kitchen all by myself.

Cleanup is epic

Plates and silverware can be found on counters, tables, and even under the bed (really, though that was just that one time and my son was a toddler). I’m all by my lonesome wondering if I can just leave doing the dishes until Christmas while everyone else is napping or watching the latest Hallmark holiday movie.

1. Ruths Chris Steak House 2 Locations

Ruths Chris Steak House Thankgsgiving in Indianapolis

Location 1:
45 S Illinois St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Location 2:
2727 E 86th St
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Are you looking to start a new Thanksgiving tradition? Perhaps you don’t feel like undertaking all the cooking and cleaning that hosting everyone at your house entails. Fortunately, we know of the perfect restaurant to host your Thanksgiving dinner with friends or family: Ruth’s Chris Steak House!

When you choose to host your family’s Thanksgiving dinner at Ruth’s Chris, you can forget about the stress of cooking. Ruth’s Chris will take care of everything for you: the cooking AND the cleaning up.

Our multi-course Thanksgiving Dine-in Prix Fixe Menu comes with all the fixings and is available for you and your family to enjoy at a Ruth’s Chris near you.

In addition to our award-winning steakhouse menu, we’re serving up a traditional, multi-course Thanksgiving feast on this Thanksgiving Day. Continue reading to learn why you should host your family’s Thanksgiving dinner at Ruth’s Chris or make your reservation at your nearest Ruth’s Chris today!

In-person dining: Traditional turkey dinner starts at $44/adult; $17/child.

Takeout Option: Take-home options range from a complete Thanksgiving dinner, to individual sides. $27.95-$175.

2. Weber Grill

Weber Grill Thankgsgiving in Indianapolis

3316 E 86th St
Indianapolis, IN 46240

In-person dining: Three-Course Turkey Dinner $49 per person. Children’s Menu $24. Dinner Menu Also Available.

3 The Capital Grill

The Capital Grill Thankgsgiving in Indianapolis
Location: 40 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Review: We had a small group for thanksgiving this year, so we chose to go out instead of all the preparations at home. We were a group of four.
The restaurant was very crowded. But we never felt rushed, nor did we experience anything but top-notch service.
There was a traditional Thanksgiving dinner offered in addition to the full menu. Three of us opted for the turkey dinner and one guest had a steak. Everyone was pleased with the high quality, excellent preparations and outstanding service throughout the entire dinner.

In-person dining: Traditional thanksgiving dinne:r
$47/adult; $17/child. Full dinner menu is also available.

Takeout Option: Sides to go provides 4 servings of the following sides: Brioche stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, pecan-crusted sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberry-pear chutney, and rolls. Sides to go serves 4 adults and starts at $135.

4. Sahm’s

Location: Multiple Locations (Pick Up Only)

Don’t want to go through all the prep work and time in the kitchen this Thanksgiving? Well, let Sahm’s Restaurant do the cooking for you!

Check out the Thanksgiving Take and Bake package offered by Sahm’s that can give you and your loved one’s great taste without all the work. Just take it home and heat it up!

Takeout Options: Get a little “Sahm”-thing special for your family this year with a Thanksgiving dinner package. All of your favorite dishes with none of the cooking for 4 to 6 of your favorite people for only $139.

*Half Liter BBQ in Broad Ripple will also be offering whole-smoked turkeys. 20-24 lb birds are brined, stuffed with herbs, and smoked to a golden brown, all ready to reheat and serve on Thanksgiving day.

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