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4 Top Keys to Travel Blog Success

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How do you make money with your travel blog? That is the question that I am asked most often other than how can you afford to travel. I am going to give you here my best tips on how to make money travel blogging. Travel blogging has funded our life now for nearly 10 years and has taken us to over 100 countries since turning 65 in 2014. A successful family travel blog is our road to success and a life full-time travel.

Secrets to Travel Blog Success

Travel blogging and running this travel blog allowed us to see the world. We’re 100% legitimate and the money comes from the blog, not selling courses. We genuinely love travel and sharing the world with our readers, we’re going to continue to be travel bloggers not course sellers. So here are some pointers and tips to help you make an income from your own family travel blog.

So you want to start a blog and make money travel blogging to live the travel life and see the world? Lucky for you, it’s not too late to learn how to become a travel blogger and create a travel blog from scratch. Just buckle up and we will show you exactly what we learned to do and what not to do so with our experiences so you can achieve your own travel blog success.

How Much Can I Make from a family travel blog? That is the next thing people want to know and there is no answer, everyone will have a certain amount of income but real travel blog success is usually determined by your style of travel blog writing. We chose to niche down and create article around a family travel blog and a world food travel blog with recipes we gather on the road.

Travel Blog Income Tips

There is no exact method of calculating in advance how much money you will earn from your own family travel blog like ours but the first easy steps for your first year are outlined in this article. Some people think they will earn a lot if they have many visitors as a factor on their travel blog success that is not actually true the first step for the most successful bloggers is to start your blog the right way and be prepared for the long haul.

Running a travel blog can take a lot of time, some additional cost before it becomes profitable and your content creation will be the key to you becoming a successful travel blogger. This is not really a good basis since if your style of travel blog writing is not appealing then they will leave after a few minutes. Traffic quality and your chosen method of monetization will determine if you will make money travel blogging.

You can assume that your earnings will be between $3 and $15 for each 1,000 visitors. On our good days we earn over $30 for every 1000 page views. We prefer to monetize on a per pageview platform rather than a per visit or per click platform like Adsense. The longer you can keep visitors on your blog with your brand of travel blog writing the more money you with this method.

The main ways to drive traffic to a travel blog in the beginning is through Facebook groups, search engines, and other social media platforms. You should open a social media accounts with Instagram and if you are a videographer then Youtube as well. The last way to earn money from a blog is getting a spot on one of the press trips companies sponsor. You will get free paid travel, food and lodging and in most cases a cash payment.

Language and the sector will also affect your profits. In addition, Turkey, Brazil, India and other non-English-language markets have local circumstances which also influence a webmaster’s total revenue.

Traffic source is the next determining factor in how to make money travel blogging. For visitors to the U.S. we earn around $35 to $50 per 1000 pageviews. U.K visitors that drops to round $5 per 1000 and India 50 cents per 1000. The reason is simple, the advertisers know which viewers are likely to purchase their products and they will pay more for them.

You will probably find that you will earn more money through Google search than any other traffic source. People who do a search are much more targeted since they took the time to look on Google for the exact your subject your travel adventures are about. At the end of the day I earn 3x as much from Google traffic compared to social media traffic.

The seasons can also affect your family travel blog profits. Usually, summer is the high season and you can earn more than at other times. We find that especially true since most of our articles center around boondocking travel which of course is more popular in the warmer months. That is a reason we diversified our family travel blog to include world food and recipes. Those are especially hot in the warmer months and let us make money then too. With deep knowledge of an area of your project and a deep understanding of the audience, you can increase your travel blog success.

Two other ways to earn money from your blog are using affiliate links on your pages. An affiliate program is a company like Booking.com who pays you to send people to their site who book a room. You are paid a percentage of the money they earn for each booking.

The important point is what to choose and how to use it. We quickly found that people in the United States are not really that interested in our trip to Mongolia simply because they have no desire to go there. When determining your niche take the tips above, that is the biggest decision you will have to make if you want to travel and make money travel blogging.

The Real Secret to Make Money Travel Blogging Is Learning SEO

You’re here because you are curious about how to drive traffic to your travel blog. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is an infallible way to grow your travel blog and continuously expand your audience year after year and that is through SEO (search engine optimization). If you’re planning to turn your travel blog into a business, you must learn SEO.

SEO For Travel Blogs: Driving Traffic To Your Site

When I first started my travel blog back in 2014, I thought I understood everything I needed to know to make my blog successful. But my biggest struggle was driving continuous traffic to my website.

I thought I was writing interesting blog posts that could attract a large audience. But after three and a half years of getting nowhere with my travel blog, I finally started to research ways to grow.

The easiest way to gain readers for my travel blog seemed to be Pinterest. And while that helped drive more people to my site, I wanted something a bit more fool-proof that took less effort in the long run. I wanted certainty. That’s when I started to learn SEO for travel blogs.

I watched my travel blog grow from 1,000 monthly page views to over 50,000 monthly page views in just 7 months thanks to SEO strategies. I was able to sign up for the Mediavine ad network and I increased my affiliate sales by 900%.

What is SEO?

Understanding SEO strategies for a travel blog is vital if you want to turn your website into a full-time business. As I mentioned above, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Implementing SEO strategies means that you take the appropriate steps in order for your blog to appear on Google (preferably on page one of Google).

By using proper SEO strategies for your travel blog and appearing on Google, you’ll be able to drive organic traffic to your website. The better you become at SEO, the higher you’ll appear among Google rankings.

There are many factors to understand when it comes to SEO. It takes some time to learn and implement each factor, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Many bloggers simply ignore SEO, but the truth is, SEO is the most important thing to learn when it comes to blogging.

We’ll go through each factor, step by step. I realize that SEO may be confusing or overwhelming for beginners, but stick to it and it will pay off in the end (literally).

The Biggest SEO Mistake Beginners Make

I like to think that I have a strong handle of this SEO stuff, especially for travel blogs. When fellow bloggers come to me for advice, I usually hear the same complaint over and over again: “I use the Yoast SEO plugin. I always make sure the SEO light is green for all of my posts and yet, I still don’t receive any organic traffic.”

This is the biggest mistake SEO beginners make.

I want to make it very clear that the Rankmath SEO plugin, although helpful at times, is just a checklist. Essentially, the score means nothing if you haven’t optimized your post correctly. In fact, many of my most optimized travel blog posts don’t receive a green light from.

It’s also important to note that the Yoast SEO plugin is wrong in many instances. It oftentimes gives poor advice and leads bloggers astray. In order to combat this and use the Yoast SEO plugin correctly, you’ll need to learn the foundations of optimizing your travel blog for SEO.

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SEO For Beginners

Before we start diving into SEO for travel blogs, I want to first say that some of the topics I discuss in this article are a bit confusing at first. If you are completely new to SEO, stay with me and take it step-by-step. If you feel overwhelmed at any point, bookmark this post and come back to it tomorrow.

The best way to read this post is section by section. I have written about five important SEO strategies that will contribute to your overall success. Don’t try to implement every SEO strategy in one day. This will take time, but your efforts will be worth it.

If you are reading this post and you aren’t new to SEO strategies, skim through to see if you can pick up any new bits of advice. SEO strategies are continuously changing year after year; it’s best to always keep up with these changes so that your travel blog can stay at the top of its game.

1. Niche-Down

You might be thinking, “but I have niched down. My niche is travel.” Unfortunately, you’ll want to be a bit more precise when it comes to niching-down. Travel is so broad that Google will have a difficult time understanding what your blog is about.

In order to niche-down, think about a topic that you know a lot about. This could be solo-travel or US National Parks travel or Disneyland travel. Whatever you choose, be sure that it’s something more specific than just “travel”.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have plenty of content to write about when it comes to your niche. You don’t want it to be too broad, but you also don’t want it to be too narrow to the point where you have nothing to write about. There is a fine line between being too broad and too narrow; toe the line and see what works best for you.

2. Structuring Your Homepage the right way to begin.

Structuring your homepage is very important when it comes to SEO for travel blogs because it contributes to user experience. The number one thing you should be concerned about is: is it easy for your readers to find what they’re looking for?

Having an organized homepage also helps Google understand what your travel blog is about. It’s best to break your content down into categories and use these categories as menu items. Place relevant pieces of content into each category.

The easiest way to structure your homepage in a way that will positively affect your Google rankings and user experience is by using the Elementor or  the Divi plugin. This free plugin is extremely easy to use and there is a lot of information out there to help you effectively use it.

3. Page Speed

Another important factor that Google looks for when determining rankings is page speed. In order to keep readers happy, you’ll want your website to load quickly. This might seem like a tech-related issue only solvable by a professional, but it is possible for you to tackle slow page speeds with the right information and resources.


You will need a hosting plan with a quality hosting company. This hosting service and the speed the give you can make a big difference in your success and a lot of travel blogs fail to see this. I use Namehero which uses a new technology called Litespeed. I find it to be much faster than traditional Apache servers. Their basic plan will get your started and the best decision

First, check your initial page speed by using this link: Google PageSpeed Insights. Type in your URL and check your page performance. If you don’t see a high number and a green circle, there is room for improvement.

3. Plugins

W3 Total Cache – W3 Total Cache helps purge your website cache so that there isn’t too much data stored at once. If this seems confusing, don’t worry. All you need to know is that your cache should be purged every so often to decrease the loading time of your blog. The W3 Total Cache plugin does this for you.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer – Besides purging your cache to optimize your website speed, another factor will be optimizing the images you place on your travel blog. ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a go-to plugin for optimizing images.

Note: images can greatly decrease your page speed, so it’s best to optimize them even before you upload them to your site. All images should be in JPG format and have a relatively small file size.

Both of these plugins have free basic plans, which I highly recommend installing for your travel blog.

Note: Plugins are a great way to improve site speed and do many other tasks for your travel blog. However, too many plugins will slow down your site. Use as few plugins as manageable.

4. Hire A Professional

Not sure how to use plugins to increase your site speed? No problem. I didn’t know the ins and outs of using plugins to increase my site speed either.

In that case, I highly recommend hiring a professional to optimize your site speed. After struggling with site speed for several months, I finally broke down and hired someone to do it for me. I used Fiverr to find a professional WordPress expert; I selected the person that provided the best value for my money.

Be aware that the domain name and travel blog name can yield quick results. I am starting a new blog about boondocking which is free travel camping areas across the United States. A widely used search term is “boondocking lifestyle” and the name was not taken so Boondocking Lifestyle is not the name of the new blog. I find it better for new travel bloggers to build a target audience around the search terms than a catchy title. Even with years of travel and a ton of hard work there is not guaranteed you will be successful at travel writing.

travel blogging

Concluston: The Travel Industry Can Be Difficult

The top travel bloggers have certain things in common. They all started earning only a little more for a lot of work but, had a great time visiting different places. If you follow the best practices outlined above, put in a lot of hard work pumping out a lot of content, and get your posts in front of lots of people eyes two things will happen. You will see the world, become a professional travel blogger and reach your ultimate goal. Good Luck!

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