20 Top Panamanian Recipes to Try (Updated 2023)

Panamanian recipes are a mix of African, Spanish, and Native American techniques, and ingredients, reflecting its diverse population. Since Panama is a land bridge between two continents, it has a large variety of tropical fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are used in native cooking.

Typical Panama recipes are mildly flavored, without the pungency of some of Panama’s Latin American and Caribbean neighbors. Common ingredients are maize, rice, wheat flour, plantains, yuca (cassava), beef, chicken, pork and seafood.

Traditional Panama Food Recipes

Traditional Panama food recipes are worth exploring. Panamanian recipes which is ruled by corn, coconuts and diverse fruits due to its tropical climate. While all Latin American countries share culture and language to a certain extent, our traditional gastronomy is different.

Carimañolas, sancocho, and cabanga are some of the cuisine Panama food recipes. Traditional Panamanian recipes involves a mix of the Hispanic, African, Indigenous, and Afro Antillean cultures that coexist within the country. Thanks to this, Panamanians use many ingredients in their recipes.

Panamanian recipes are as diverse as Panamanians themselves. Whether sweet, savory, or spicy, they’re all mouthwatering. A large part of Panama recipes revolves around staple foods such as rice, corn, yuca, and plantains. An explosive fusion of Native American, Spanish, and African flavors, Panamanian food recipes bring a huge amount of Central American color, heat, and spice to the table.

Often pairing hearty staples, such as wheat and cassava, with exotic produce, salty-fresh seafood, and plenty of heat, sugar, and spice, there is so much to get excited about when it comes to Panamanian cooking.

Corn-based recipes come from the kernel, cooked in water, and then ground in order to obtain a dough (as opposed to using cornflour to obtain the dough). Fresh corn is also used in some recipes.

Due to the multicultural background, many of the Panamanian recipes are heavily influenced by the recipes of other Latin American countries and also the Caribbean as well as European.

FAQs About Panama Food Recipes

What is a Typical Panamanian Dinner?

The people of Panama can be seen eating the following Panamanian recipes for lunch or dinner:
Arroz with pollo (chicken and rice) – rice in Panama is usually served plain white or yellow.
The chicken is frequently braised or slow cooked and served with veggies in this region (and also, a little less commonly, with beef or pork as the meat component).

What is the Most Typical Ingredients in Panamanian Recipes?

Rice, beans, red meat, chicken, pork, and fish are all common ingredients in Panamanian recipes.
Because many vegetables do not grow well in the tropics, tourists are unlikely to come across a wide range of vegetables unless they dine in a fine restaurant.
The most common veggies in Panama recipes are yuca and plantains.

Are the Panamanian Recipes Spicy?

With such a diverse population, it’s only natural that Panamanians consume a wide range of recipes, including North American and Spanish.
Traditional Panama food recipes, on the other hand, is most reminiscent of Creole recipes: fiery and spicy at times, but always hearty, with rice at every meal.

20 Panama Recipes - Panamanian Hot Sauce

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