20 Best Recipes From Laos in 2024

Recipes from Laos and Laotian food is distinct from other SE Asian cuisines. Laotians enjoy sweet, salty, sour, & bitter flavors as long as they are strong.

Steamed sticky rice is the Laos’ main dish. Sticky rice is known as Khao Niao – khao means ‘rice’ and niao means ‘sticky.’ In fact, the Laotians consume more sticky rice than anyone else in the planet.

Sticky rice is thought to be the essence of Laotian culture. Sticky rice, is widely believed in the Laotian community, that it will always be the glue that binds them together, connecting them to their culture and to Laos, no matter where they are in the world.

The Laotian people are often referred to as Luk Khao Niaow, which means “children or descendants of sticky rice.” Sticky rice, Larb, and Tam Mak Hoong are the trifecta of Laos recipes.

Tam Mak Hoong, sometimes known as Som Tam in the West, is a spicy green papaya salad that was invented in Laos.

Recipes from Laos come in a wide variety of regional variants, owing in part to the fresh Laotian foods available in each location. Baguettes are sold on the street in the capital city, Vientiane, and French restaurants are frequent and popular, both of which were initially introduced while Laos was a part of French Indochina.

Traditional Laos Food Recipes

Laotian food is the most essential activity in Laos at all times of the day. It is fairly typical in the local language for people to greet each other by inquiring, “Have you eaten food?” Laotian food is often the topic of many talks, especially when friends and family are dining and sharing meals. Laotian people also take great pride in sharing their traditional Laotian food recipes with inquiring visitors.

Lao people were initially migrants from Southern China, and they were made up of a variety of ethnic groups who spoke different languages and had varied cultures. They brought their traditions with them when they went further south. Lao cuisine has a much greater awareness in the world as a result of historical Lao migration from the Lao PDR to Thailand and adjacent nations. According to Arne Kislenko, there are more ethnic Lao residing in Northern Thailand than in Lao PDR, resulting in the spread of specific Lao recipes far beyond the country’s borders. In truth, much of Thailand’s “Isan” cuisine is actually Lao rather than Thai in origin. However, we believe that the best approach to sample Lao cuisine is to travel within the country’s borders and sample the variety of cuisines available.

Because of the various ethnic groups that make up the country, traditional Laotian recipes are diverse. Southern cuisine is fiery, spicy, and salty, whereas Northern cuisine is gentle. Most Laos foods are steamed, boiled, blanched, or stewed and are not fatty.

Because of migration, several surrounding cuisines, particularly from Southern China into Northern Laos, have influenced Laotian recipes. There is also a major link between northeastern Thai and Cambodian cuisines. ‘Fer’, for example, has been influenced by Vietnamese cuisine and has become a famous dish in Laos (Vietnamese Pho-noodle).

Laos Recipes – Unassuming But Packed with Flavor

The country’s ability in combining herbs, chilies, and the aromatic bacterial riot of fermented meat and fish is on display. Fresh ingredients like as vegetables, poultry (chicken, duck), pork, beef, and water buffalo are used in most dishes.

Fish and prawns are plentiful, but because Laos is a landlocked country, they are almost usually freshwater varieties. Mutton is only eaten by the country’s small South Asian Muslim population, which is almost entirely concentrated in Vientiane.

Laotian food recipes is one of Southeast Asia’s best-kept secrets. Due to its landlocked location, this small country receives less attention than its neighbors, yet it nevertheless has a lot to offer in terms of culture and cuisine. Laotian food recipes are flavorful, with herbs and fresh ingredients. There are several regional differences, but Laotian food recipes can be defined as the entire Lao ethnic group’s cooking heritage and style. The main cuisine of Laos is sticky rice, which is often believed to be the glue that binds Lao populations to their culture and to Laos.

Laotian Food vs Thai Food

Isan (Thai) and Laos food recipes are both herbaceous and vegetable-heavy, with a lot of bitter notes. Thinly sliced banana blossom lends bitterness and floral overtones to dishes like naem khao and laab, while sliced raw Thai eggplant provides bitterness and texture to dishes like naem khao and laab. Fresh bamboo shoots, ginger, galangal, and vast amounts of fresh herbs including mint, cilantro, makrut lime leaf, and dill are among typical ingredients.

Laos recipes are simpler than Thai recipes, with fewer ingredients. It’s additionally hotter because dried chilies are used. While coconut milk is occasionally used in Isan and Laos food recipes, the sweet, thick sauces that are commonly associated with Thai cuisine are not seen in Laos recipes.

Laotians enjoy sweet, salty, sour, and bitter flavors as long as they are strong. Prepare to eat a lot of sticky rice with your hands if you decide to go native.

FAQs About Laotian Food and their Laotian Recipes

What is Laos Food?

In terms of flavor and ingredients, Laos recipes are quite similar to those found in Thailand and Vietnam, and frequently include fresh herbs, spices, noodles, and rice. The Laotians’ staple dish is khao niaw (sticky rice).

What is it About Laos Food Recipes and Sticky Rice?

Every meal in Laos starts with khao niew, or sticky rice. It’s all over the place. Sticky rice is prepared from glutinous rice, which contains more sugar than ordinary rice and becomes sticky when steamed.

What are a couple of Traditional Food Recipes from Laos?

Laab (also known as “larb” on Thai restaurant menus) is a salad made from ground meat and herbs, laced with fish sauce and lime juice, and topped with a powder made from dry powdered rice. Every meal prepared in Laos includes ‘sticky rice’ and it is considered one of the country’s most defining dish.

Is Laotian Food Spicy?

The most renowned of Laos recipes is Larb (also written laab or laap), a spicy mixture of marinated meat or fish that is occasionally served uncooked (similar to ceviche) with a variety of herbs, greens, and spices.

What is the Difference Between Thai and Laotian Food?

Both Laotian food and Thai cuisine have distinct and excellent flavors. The distinction is that, unlike Thai cuisine, Laos recipes use herbs and vegetables that aren’t cooked or require overnight marinades. Thai food is usually served individually, whereas Laos food is frequently offered in a family setting.

Is Laotian Food Healthy?

Laotian food is fresh and nutritious, with nearly no processed foods. Sticky rice, fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, fish and meat, fish sauce, chili, spices, and fruit are the main ingredients of Laotian recipes. In Laos, sticky rice is served with every meal and is considered the country’s main food dish.

Laos Recipes

20 Best Recipes From Laos

1. Laotian Shrimp Larb

The Laos Shrimp Larb Recipe is an excellent and delicious meal that exemplifies the balance of tastes and textures common to Laos cooking. This blog article will be dedicated completely to the preparation and cooking procedures that give this well-known meal its wonderful flavor and aesthetically outstanding look.

2. Sweet Coconut Cakes

The Laos Sweet Coconut Cakes Recipe is delicious and decadent. Laos sweet coconut cakes recipes are a perfect representation of the region’s rich dessert culture. The quality and preparation of the coconut itself is the secret to a delicious Laos sweet coconut cakes recipe. For the finest flavor and texture, use coconut that is both fresh and of good quality.

3. Incandescent Lao Salad

Laos Incandescent Salad Recipe

The Laos Incandescent Salad Recipe, a staple of Laotian cuisine, is a colorful and tasty salad that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Laos’ culinary scene. In this article, we’ll go deep into the ingredients, seasonings, and cooking methods that give this salad its exceptional flavor and beautiful appearance.

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4. Nam Kao (Lao Crispy Fried Rice Ball Salad)

The Laos Naem Khao Tod Salad Recipe a traditional Laotian salad, has fried rice balls that have been cooled and then broken into little pieces to give a crunchy and soft tactile contrast. In a large bowl, toss together the rice ball crumbles, vegetables, protein, and dressing. Make sure all of the salad components are coated with the dressing by giving it a good stir.

5. Mok Pa (Lao Steamed Fish)

Laos Mok Pa Recipe

In the Laos Mok Pa Recipe the fish is seasoned, wrapped in banana leaves, and cooked to perfection in this lovely and fragrant Laotian dish. This method not only improves the fish’s taste but also makes for a more aesthetically pleasing dish. This blog article is dedicated to the preparation and cooking procedures responsible for the outstanding flavor and appearance of this meal.

6. Jeow Mak Len (Lao Tomato Dipping Sauce)

Laos Jeow Mak Len Recipe

The Laos Jeow Mak Len Recipe creates a mouthwatering, traditional tomato-based dipping sauce hailing from the vibrant culinary culture of Laos. With its rich flavors and versatile uses, this sauce adds depth and excitement to various dishes, from grilled meats and vegetables to sticky rice. In this blog post, we will focus on the essential steps of crafting the perfect Laotian Jeow Mak Len, covering the preparation and cooking techniques necessary for achieving the delicious and well-balanced taste of this classic sauce.

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7. Laab Diip (Raw Beef Salad)

Laab Diip (Raw Beef Salad) - Laotian Food

The Laos Laab Diip Recipe is just one reason foodies all over the globe are captivated by the tastes and textures of Laotian cuisine. Laab Diip, a meat salad with a refreshing and zesty flavor profile that embodies the essence of Southeast Asian cooking, is one of the country’s most recognizable meals. This article will discuss the essence of Laotian Laab Diip, its culinary roots, and the methods for making this delectable meal at home.

8. Tom Khem

Laos Caramelized Pork Recipe

The Laos Caramelized Pork Recipe is just one food in the enchanting world of Laotian cuisine. Lao food is filled with a delightful array of dishes that captivate the senses with their vibrant flavors and colors. One such dish that beautifully represents the culinary landscape of Laos is Laos Caramelized Pork Recipe, a dish that combines tender, slow-cooked pork with a sweet and savory sauce. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the steps to create this delicious dish while discussing the key elements that make it so unique.

9. Khao Piak Sen (Lao Chicken Noodle Soup)

Laos Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

A cup of the hot Laos Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe is the ultimate in comfort food, providing both physical and emotional solace. Laos Chicken Noodle Soup Recipes are a fantastic example of how a simple meal can bring people together while highlighting the exquisite aromas and rich culinary history of Laos, a Southeast Asian nation noted for its unique and delectable food. Without presenting an exhaustive list of ingredients, this article will discuss the steps involved in making the Laos Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe, the importance of the components, and how you may create this delectable meal at home.

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10. Luang Prabang Salad (Laos salad)

Laos Luang Prabang Salad Recipe

The vibrant colors, crunchy textures, and delicate flavors of the Laos Luang Prabang Salad all come from its base of fresh vegetables and herbs. To begin, pick the fruits, vegetables, and herbs you will use, then wash and dry them well so that they are completely dry. After they are clean, you may cut them as you choose. Bear in mind that the tastes in the salad will combine more smoothly if the components are cut into smaller pieces.

11. Pra Nuea (Lao Style Beef Salad)

Laos Beef Salad Recipe

The Laos Beef Salad Recipe is just one of the many recipes I love from Laos. The many foods offer so many tastes, textures, and scents that make up Laotian cuisine. They are a fascinating window into the rich cultural history of this little Southeast Asian nation. The Lao Beef Salad is a delectable meal that exemplifies the harmony and complexity of tastes that are hallmarks of Laos cuisine. Authentic Laos tastes may be difficult to come by, but this article will walk you through the steps of making a delicious Lao Beef Salad by focusing on the procedures and concepts that are most important.

12. Jeow Mak Keua (Lao Eggplant Dip)

Laos Jeow Mak Keua Recipe

The Laos Jeow Mak Keua Recipe is just one in a treasure trove of unique flavors and techniques, offering food lovers an enticing array of dishes to explore. One such dish that embodies the essence of Laotian flavors is Jeow Mak Keua, a traditional Lao eggplant dipping sauce.

This versatile and delectable condiment complements a variety of dishes and provides an authentic taste of Laos with every bite. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the detailed cooking process of creating Lao Jeow Mak Keua while highlighting the techniques that are key to capturing the authentic Laotian flavors.

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13. Nam Khao (Lao Crispy Rice Salad)

Laos Nam Khao Crispy Salad Recipe

The Laos Nam Khao Crispy Salad Recipe, a famous Laos meal, it is enjoyed by many for its taste and variety of textures. This meal is well-known for the unusual experience it offers because tof its crispy, chewy, and soft components. The steps that go into making Nam Khao are what makes it so popular

The Laos Nam Khao Crispy Salad Recipe starts with jasmine rice cooked from scratch. The rice is often cooked in a way that leaves it somewhat drier than normal to produce the desired texture. This is essential to prevent the rice from getting mushy while still soaking up the spices and tastes added afterwards.

14. Laotian Omelette

Laos Omelette Recipe

The Laos Omelette Recipe is an excellent example of the ease and originality of Laotian cooking. The Laos Omelette Recipe takes the everyday Omelette and transforms it into a delicious dish. In this article, we’ll go into the specifics of the Laotian Omelette’s cooking process and the processes that go into making this dish so tasty.

15. Larb Laotian Chicken Mince

Laos Larb Chicken Mince Recipe

The first stage in making Laos Larb Chicken Mince Recipe is preparing the chicken, which entails picking out a good bird and cleaning it well. Using fresh, high-quality ground chicken will give your meal a robust flavor and the texture you want. The ground chicken should be a combination of both lean and fat for optimal taste and texture.

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16. Khao Neow Mamuang (Mango Sticky Rice)

Laos Mango Sticky Rice Recipe

The main ingredients of Laos Mango Sticky Rice Recipe are sticky rice, ripe mangoes, coconut milk, and sugar. The sticky rice is cooked until it becomes soft and sticky, and then it is mixed with coconut milk and sugar to add a creamy and sweet flavor. Ripe mangoes are sliced and served on top of the rice, adding a refreshing and fruity taste to the dish.

17. Khao Lod Song

Khao Lod Song - Laotian Food

The Laos Khao Lod Song Recipe is a delightful dessert made with sweetened coconut milk and floating green pandan-flavored gems. This traditional Lao treat is typically sweetened with either caramelized sugar or palm sugar. The vibrant green gems are created using a special strainer, where they fall into ice-cold water resembling a beautiful green rain.

This dessert is not only enjoyed in Laos but can also be found in various versions across Southeast Asia. The flavors of the Khao Lod Song are a harmonious blend of the rich sweetness of coconut milk and the aromatic essence of pandan. Pandan, also known as screwpine, is a tropical plant that lends a distinct flavor to the dish.

18. Khao Nom Kok (Coconut Rice Cakes)

Laos Sweet Coconut Cakes Recipe

The Laos Khao Nom Kok Recipe is a traditional dish from Laos. It is a popular dish made from a simple batter that is cooked in a special pan, resulting in small, round coconut pancakes. These pancakes have a unique texture and a mild coconut flavor. They are often enjoyed as a snack or a dessert.

The Khao Nom Kok Recipe involves mixing rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, and a pinch of salt to make the batter. The batter is then poured into small round molds on a hot pan and cooked until the pancakes become golden brown on the outside and soft on the inside. The pan used to make these pancakes is called a Khao Nom Kok pan, which has multiple small round indentations.

19. Nam Van Sal Lee (Laos Sweet Corn and Coconut Pudding Dessert)

Laos Nam Van Sal Lee Recipe

The Laos Nam Van Sal Lee Recipe is a traditional dish from Laos. It is a flavorful and nutritious meal that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The recipe consists of a combination of fresh ingredients that come together to create a delicious and satisfying dish.

Overall, the Laos Nam Van Sal Lee Recipe is a flavorful, versatile, and nutritious dish that is worth trying. Its combination of savory, sour, and spicy flavors will satisfy your taste buds, while its fresh ingredients offer numerous health benefits. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch or a flavorful dinner option, this traditional Laos dish is sure to impress.

20. Khanom Man Sam Pa Lang (Steamed Cassava Cake)

Laos Khanom Man Sam Pa Lang Recipe

The Laos Khanom Man Sam Pa Lang Recipe is a traditional dish from Laos that has gained popularity for its unique flavors and nutritional benefits. This recipe is a delightful combination of various ingredients, carefully prepared to create a delicious and healthy dessert.

The dish primarily consists of rice noodles, which are thin and translucent, providing a delicate texture to the recipe. These noodles are typically made from rice flour and water, creating a gluten-free option for those with dietary restrictions.

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