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10 Great Spots for Bali Instagram Photographs

10 Great Spots for Bali Instagram Photographs

Are you planning a trip to Bali? The island offers some of the best spots in the world for  Bali Instagram photographs. Take the perfect photos to make your friends green with envy. Here are our top 10 sites to Bali Instagram Photographs.

The Indonesian island of Bali is famous for its clear blue water and long white sand beaches. These two things attract millions of visitors every year. In fact, it has almost everything you could wish for in a tropical island getaway.
Bali is not a one-trick pony. This article details our trip and our top 10 Bali Instagram Photographs. These included volcanic mountains, serene rice paddies, coral reefs, beaches, and beautiful temples.
To help you out we have compiled this location list of Bali Instagram Photographs that you CAN NOT miss. So go, snap a picture and post it for the rest of the world to enjoy!
Keep in mind that these are some of the more famous spots to visit and photograph on Bali but they are only a few.
There are thousands of photo-worthy people and places on the island of Bali. Be the first to capture some of these lesser-known perfect spots. They will delight your friends and Instagram followers.

Suggested Photo-Ops

1. Hanging Gardens Spa – Infinity Pool


This is our #1 Bali Instagram Photographs location. Visit the Infinity Pool at the Hanging Gardens Spa Resort. The pool overlooks evergreen hills with thick green jungle vegetation. Take the time to get a world-famous Indonesian massage. They are world-famous for these treatments.

2. Nusa Penida


This small island to the southeast of Bali has it all. The island has a circular lagoon separated from the ocean by a sheer cliff. Angel’s Billabong is a clear pool connected to the ocean by a thin opening. The water in the pool is a beautiful blue and crystal clear.

3. Purah Tanah Lot


This temple, placed on a single stone hill, has its access from the beach cut off by the high tide. Don’t worry the sunset will be spectacular either way.

4. Kintamani Lakeside Cottages


Kintamani is a small village next to the beautiful lake of Danau Batur. Go to the Infinity Pool for a majestic view of the lake.

5. Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Rice Paddies

Rent a bicycle to visit these undulating rice terraces. You will be able to capture some fantastic sunrise and sunset photos. You can also take the time to recharge your body with a perfect spot for meditation.

6. Banyumala Twin Waterfall

Banyumala Twin Waterfall

Most people head over to the more well-known Tibumana Waterfall but don’t miss out on this hidden gem. Sit on the banks, or take a dip in the refreshing waters. One thing is for sure these unique siblings will catch your follower’s eye.

7. Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple

This 11th-century sea temple complex is a must location to visit. The temple offers great Instagram photos. You might also be able to persuade some of the local monkeys to pose for you as well. The monkeys are thieves so protect your belongings.

8. Sukawati, The Sacred Canyon

Sukawati, The Sacred Canyon

Are you getting tired of beaches, rice paddies, and waterfalls? Take the time and visit this secret canyon. This is a new attraction and you should visit before it becomes too popular. The canyon offers rock formations that look like they are from another world.

9. Mt. Batur

Mt. Batur

If you are a bit of a daredevil head to this active volcano in the center of two calderas. There are a few more unique experiences than this. You can take pictures on the rim of the volcano with either the ocean or the lake as a backdrop.

10. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan


This Shaivite temple site is another one of Bali’s one-of-a-kind water temples. The tall, tiered towers look awe-inspiring as a silhouette against the sunset. The temple fingers out into the lake with some majestic mountains in the background. This is our last Bali Instagram Photographs location. That does not mean it is less than spectacular but, there had to be a number 10.

If this list hasn’t convinced you to buy your ticket and prepare your hashtags nothing will. There are tons of other locations around Bali for taking pictures.

What are you waiting for? When you are ready for a break you can visit some of the other 1600 Indonesian islands. Pay for the 60 days Visa when you arrive at the airport to see more of the country.

No need to worry about those beforehand. Bali offers an easy Visa on Arrival opportunity. Flights from SE Asia, Australia, and New Zealand are very cheap. The cheapest flights we found originated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The Singapore airport itself is an Instagram moment. The airport is the best we have visited anywhere in the world.

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